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Country Music Fans-come in here!!

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OMG have you heard Rachel Proctor's song "Me and Emily"? Click Here to listen

I have to say this is the best most 'refreshing' country song out there now! It deserves to go to #1 but unfortunately, I think the 'powers that be' will continue to overplay Tim McGraws, lame 'Live Like You Were Dying'.

Rachel Proctor's song is am amazing blend of voice, lyrics, and rhythmn. I LOVE IT!

Feel free to hijack this thread because I really want to know how many 'country' fans are out there.


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I haven't heard that song yet, and I can't listen cause my speakers died! :( I am, however, a fan of country music. Traditional(if thats the right word)country. I'm really into Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, George Jones and on and on. I love it when any "new" artist releases a song along those lines, instead of the commercial crap that gets all the airplay. I'll have to turn the dial and perk up my ears!

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I know what you mean Windy... I recently fell in love with Rachel Proctor's tune... and during a 12 hour graveyard shift at work I kept shifting between the two country radio stations in this area, and was really dismayed at the amount of 'overplay' of certain songs.... most overplayed at the moment is Tim McGraws 'Live Like You Were Dying'.

So basically, in the course of one 12 shift and two radio stations I have 24 hours of current air play on 'country' radio stations right? Well, I only heard Rachel Proctor's song ONCE... and even then the DJ gave a special plug that this song was 'really amazing'.

I really hope to see this song move up in popularity. I honestly wouldnt mind if 'this' song was overplayed to death because I can't get enough of it. :: .

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What a great song! I saw you posted the lyrics on another thread, but hearing made me like it more. It reminded me of my mother and I when I was growing up with just each other to hold on to.

I have listened to a lot more country music since I have moved to Georgia, and it's not as bad as I thought it was growing up. I am a firm believer in not rejecting a whole genre of music, because you might be missing out on something you can relate to...a lyric, a beat, an instrument, a voice.

Having an open mind is better than having an empty head. ::

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