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The Wench Test


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The Wench Test

The results are in... thou art:

37% Wench!

That's lower than the worldwide average of 39%!

46% less wenchtastic than you — 4% equal to you — 51% wenchier than you

Of the 11,174,645 test takers so far...

53% can use a gun.

48% have been in a catfight.

45% have cheated in a relationship.

53% forget birthdays.

48% blamed a friend for farting.

28% gnawed while making nice.

18% wear lots of hairspray.

23% stomped on someone with high heels.

Women who like the taste of beer are MORE likely to cheat on their boyfriends.

Canadian women are MORE likely to consider themselves successful.

Girls with tattoos DON'T LIKE authority.

Girls who sleep with married men are MORE likely to forget their friends' birthdays.

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