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I'm sorry. This doesn't have one single thing to do with music but everyone at this site seems to be pretty good at searching for stuff and I was wondering if anyone could help me with a question that I could NOT find the answer to on the internet. Okay, sorry for the randomness but here goes: :stars:

What is the length of one term for eah of these elected officials:

US House Member



State House member

County commissioner


Anything at all would be very very very helpful...maybe someone has a good website I could use. If anything, this should be a challenge of who can find it the fastest because I have not been able to locate this info for some time now... But you guys are all smarter than me so maybe you could help even though I am crazy and ask random questions on music forums.....anyway,


from your crazy-ever-loving-music-fan-who-just-happens-to-ask-a-government-question friend, GILLA



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But you guys are all smarter than me so maybe you could help me even though I am crazy ...

Aaww GillaMasta,

Try to work on your self-esteem a little.

For federal officials, go to this scary website.

For the state, try the Green Papers.

For the county, to quote Alice Cooper (and paraphrase MarcM): " No More Mr. Nice Guy". But seriously, you should be able to get that information with a phone call. Or do a search with the simplest keywords "________ County ", etc.

There are probably better resources for any of this. I think you will find that if you keep trying whatever search ideas come to mind, you'll get to what you need pretty quickly.

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Gilla- to make it a little easier I'll give you the info that I remember from civics class- circa 1972, and no jokes, I'm old as dirt compared to many at this site, but I don't think the constitution has changed that much.

House of representatives- 2 years

State senator- 6 years

Governor- 4 years

State house member- 2 years

As far as county info goes, many counties local governments are set up differently. For example the county I live in has only had a county commisioner for about 10 years. If you need specific info I would pick up the phone and call your local government center. They'd be happy to help you.Also, I realize with the internet, it might not be your first thought, but lots of research can be done at your local library. If you're doing a report or something good luck- get a A+. :thumbsup:

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I'm old as dirt compared to many at this site

Hey Windy....I am just about as old as you. Guess that makes me as old as dust!!!

PS - On Friday, Aug 6 I celebrate my 25th year with the only company I have worked for since finishing school. Now that is old!!

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Yes We Have MPs But They Dont Do A lot,In Fact The Whole Of Our Goverment Dosent Do A lot Apart From Raising Tax And Passing Laws That Are Meaningless Mind You Though Liverpool Is Your Equivelent To The Bronx

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dug- sounds like we have a lot in common government wise! :: Colin has told me that about Liverpool ( he's been over here only about 6 years). His mother now lives in (I'm not going to spell this right-figure it out)Wirrell, near Wales. Is that better?

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dug- yeah, politics suck really, where ever you are. As far as music goes, I like classic rock of course, cause that's when I grew up. My favorites are the Stones and Hendrix. I like some new stuff (not much), old country,and then I veer off the mainstream and get into Beefheart, and Morphine and almost any blues stuff you can think of. How about yourself? ;)

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