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  1. Alright...this song is on suzuki commercials in the backround and I can only here this: You're on to something On to something good.... It's a female singer. I know someone's gotta know it. The commercials include one with a teenager and a father agreeing upon a car, a new couple visualizing their life with a new car...and some other stuff too but the song is awesome and I want to know what it is! Thanks, Gilla
  2. Are you implying that working at McDonald's is dishonorable? I don't know where you come from but I don't place stoners inside a multi-million dollar empire....
  3. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Your info is appreciated an I am glad there are still some nice people in the world That was just the last tiniest little bit I needed. ::
  4. Why don't you guys get wacked in instead. :sleepy:
  5. Sorry about song number two. Virtually un-locatable on the internet..... Let me know if anyone ever finds it. Hope the first song is what you were looking for KEEP SMILING
  6. Perfect Place- Voice of the Beehive We are all together alone, and these are just wishes and I am just dreaming. If I ever grow up I will take care of the old and all the babies that have no one. You might think I give myself too much credit but I am just dreaming. 'Cause not much is sacred, There's not really much to do here any more. I don't feel like you said, I walk the earth my darling but I never feel at home and we all say I will change tomorrow. I will change it all tomorrow. I will assure all of the husbands who are guilty and the wives who feel useless. I will nurse all of the black and blue babies with their unhappy parents who had unhappy parents. I will assure all of the boys who feel awkward and the girls who feel clumsy. I will walk alongside the old man who feels so alone as everyone rushes by him. You might think I give myself too much credit but I am juts dreaming. I don't feel like you said, I walk the earth my darling but I never feel at home, and we all say I will change tomorrow. HOPE THIS IS IT! I'll continue searching for the second song.
  7. For your information, MAN, I was asking for help since I am having trouble locating something and I thought someone here, with more experience, could help. But thanks anyway.... I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP!!!!! ::
  8. Ik voel me super Ik kan niet blijven staan want de music is heet Ik wil shaken , das het liefste wat ik doe Ik wil alleen maar dansen , maybe baby with you hmm looks something like this: I am feeling great (super) I can not....something? I will shake, that is what i'll do I will something...dance... again...not really sure because it is spelled incorrectly but...hey I hope it helps in some weird way :guitar:
  9. Those first few lyrics I recognize as German but not spelled correctly...if the song you are looking for is german...this may be it...ill take another look at the lyrics and see if i can loosely translate
  10. Could be... if that is the song then they've cut around bits and pieces of it... I can't really find the song so I can't listen to make sure that's what it is but thanks a lot for the help b/c I have a good feeling this is it
  11. I heard that song too and also like it! It has an Elvis-like twang. I will try to do some research and get back to ya in one moment. ... ... ... found you a website don't know if it will help here well, have a look and tell me if you find anything.
  12. Okay, hi. Its Gilla and I just wanted to resurface this question. Here are the specifics again: A "Mona Lisa Smile" commercial. Everyone is telling me that the song is Dream by Cranberries but it isn't. I didn't really hear any lyrics. All I heard was people singing LA la la LA la la LA la la LA LALA la la. Yeah, not real helpful but I swear that is what they were singing. It doesn't look like its on the MLS soundtrack so I was thinking maybe it was just one of those songs that they just put on commercials for movies but aren't actually in the movie. THINK BACK TO WHEN THIS WAS JUST COMING OUT IN THEATRES! if anyone could find a website where I could watch those commercials (like a fan site or something) that would be great. I don't think it was on the trailer because I already saw it. just a regular commecial advertisement. THANK YOU! ::
  13. okay hi. its me again and realized i wasn't too specific...okay lets see what I can feed you guys... alright its a general motors commercial and its something about a "summer drive" maybe some sale or something. Anyway, in the commercial people are driving cars and playing frisbee by catching it through their sun roof or windows and then throwing it to the next car. The song is what I'm looking for and if I had to guess what the lyrics were for the entire segment of the song I would say this: You've got a cool car, and I like you (it?) amd I like you (it?) And I like you (it?) a lot WHOOOOOOO! whooo whoooo whooooo okay, that's it. any answers??? gotta run for now but please tell me what you think?
  14. GM Summer Drive commercial Possible lyrics: gotta cool car and I like it? i like it a lot? whoo hoo hoooooooo actually i have no clue...sounds sort of like that though. love the song from what I can hear....wonder if you guys have heard it or have any clue... BYE
  15. I'm sorry. This doesn't have one single thing to do with music but everyone at this site seems to be pretty good at searching for stuff and I was wondering if anyone could help me with a question that I could NOT find the answer to on the internet. Okay, sorry for the randomness but here goes: What is the length of one term for eah of these elected officials: US House Member Governer Senator State House member County commissioner :: Anything at all would be very very very helpful...maybe someone has a good website I could use. If anything, this should be a challenge of who can find it the fastest because I have not been able to locate this info for some time now... But you guys are all smarter than me so maybe you could help even though I am crazy and ask random questions on music forums.....anyway, THANKS A BUNCH GUYS! from your crazy-ever-loving-music-fan-who-just-happens-to-ask-a-government-question friend, GILLA
  16. That's exactly it! Thanks a bunch! ::
  17. saw this website might help: http://www.erinsborough.com/music/inhouse.shtml#ifihadyou ::
  18. It is making me crazy trying to find the artist of "can't help falling in love". :: its a somewhat recent version (meaning its still played on the radio sometime). It's sort of caribbean sounding. I feel so dumb since I would know it if I heard it. Who sings it?? Wise Men say Only fools rush in I cant help falling in love with you
  19. ahhh....i see...thanks for the help..its kind of an old song but somehow it stuck with me....ill keep looking for it.
  20. Do you remember that song that went: "What if I fell...15 stories... What if my weight.." "Sticky enough to walk the ceiling, well maybe I could live through this!" I found the artist and title but i was wondering if anyone knew what happened to it? for one thing i havent heard it in forever and also it isnt in any of the more popular download databases. I'd only barely heard of the artist, Mighty Joe Plum. Was it a one hit wonder? actually I don't remember if the song was ever that popular but it came on the radio enough for me to remember it. Anway, any info at all would help. Ever heard of this song??? ::
  21. Yes, the MOVIE Mona Lisa Smile. A commercial from it when it was still out in theatres.
  22. Robbie Nevil - Just Like You I wanna be just like you I wanna be just the same I wanna know all your rules and play all your games I wanna be just like you I wouldn't change a thing love can be so cruel I wanna be just like you You got style you wear next to nothing I'll make you wanna wear nothing at all You're feeding the fire till i can't take it then you walk away honey, leave me begging for more, yeah just so you can lead me on some other night, yeah
  23. you are the coolest person in the world thanks
  24. Okay, I'm into sort of pop-ish type music...actually i have a wide variety of strange things that I enjoy...here is a list from a recent CD i made of random things I like. Reply if you like any...or dislike any... or have any suggestions for other cool songs I might like. THANKS!!! Here is my list: Various OutKast songs She's so High-everclear Ace of Base songs The Way- fastball Summertime- Fantasia! Usher, J-kwon, other mild rap-type songs In My Life-Beatles Theme song and other cool songs on Doug, the Nick Cartoon Harry Potter stuff You raise me up- josh groban old songs like under the boardwalk Perfect Day- Hoku There She Goes- sixpence none the richer Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen I love you always forever- Donna Lewis There you go! Thanks again for ANY replies
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