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  1. They're not all sad, they're just what I listen to when I'm sad: Don't Follow - Alice in Chains Down in a Hole - Alice in Chains Nutshell - Alice in Chains Sickman - Alice in Chains Shame in You - Alice in Chains 107 Steps - Bjork 2:45 AM - Elliott Smith Everything Means Nothing To Me - Elliott Smith Miss Misery - Elliott Smith Learning How To Smile - Everclear Normal Like You - Everclear Otis Redding - Everclear 23 - God Lives Underwater Empty - God Lives Underwater Accident Prone - Jawbreaker Jet Black - Jawbreaker Always With Me, Always With You - Joe Satriani Tears in t
  2. Haha... this thread makes me laugh. A few notes: 1) Blink 182, Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, etc. are NOT talented. Those of them that write their own stuff use totally cookie-cutter riffs and lyrics... it doesn't take talent to write an unoriginal song. 2) Whoever said "Tool, Sum 41, (etc) and everything else on the radio" - Tool gets played on the radio like... once a month, if that. What the [bleep]? Okay, moving on. The bands I hate the most. Well, I try not to dwell on bands I don't like, but there are two in particular that I just can't get over. They would be: Godsmack (
  3. Tool's my favorite band ever, and APC's up there on the list too. I disagree with TwistedNerve, I really don't think APC sounds like Tool. The only thing that they have in common is Maynard. Unfortunately I've only seen Tool twice and APC once, but my god, those were the best 3 nights of my life. I love the contrast in how Maynard acts onstage with Tool and how he acts with APC. He's so talkative with APC! I love it! Anyway... favorite songs? How can I choose? Neither band has put out a song that I don't love. For Tool: Cold and Ugly Opiate 4 Degrees Flood H. Forty-Six & 2
  4. Oh good, someone put Layne Staley on the list. I don't know about best ever, because it's mostly just opinion, and also I don't listen to music from a lot of different time periods, mostly just the early 90s. But, my favorites: Maynard James Keenan Layne Staley Chris Cornell Daniel Johns Billy Corgan (I know, he's so nasal/whiny, but I really like how his voice works with his music)
  5. Alice in Chains are definately not appreciated enough. They're by far my favorite band (except Tool) and I hate the way everyone labels them as just another grunge band from Seattle, and completely disregards all the talent Layne Staley had just because he had a drug problem. My favorite songs are: Bleed the Freak, Got Me Wrong, Sickman, Angry Chair, Don't Follow, Brush Away, God Am, and Over Now
  6. I'm going with 1992. There was a whole lot of good music coming out then: - "Opiate" by Tool - "Dirt" by Alice in Chains - "Lull" by Smashing Pumpkins - "Ignition" by The Offspring - "SOMMS EP" by Soundgarden - "Insesticide" by Nirvana - "Rage Against the Machine" by Rage Against the Machine - "Core" by Stone Temple Pilots - "Piece of Cake" by Mudhoney - "Drill EP" by Radiohead - "Broken" and "Fixed" by Nine Inch Nails I'm sure I missed some, too.
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