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  1. does anybody know if Billie Joe Armstrong from green day and Tim Armstrong from Rancid have any relation?
  2. Ok its a guy singing and its a populer xmas song.. Lyrics go "THEY SAY THERE'LL BE SNOW A CHRISTMAS, THEY SAY THERE'LL BE PEACE ON EARTH" Anyone know what Im talking about... THankssssss
  3. I have a feeling it could be "ROCK YOU" by HELIX Give me an R-O-C-K Whatcha got (ROCK) And whatcha gonna do (ROCK YOU) Gimme an R-O-C-K Whatcha got (ROCK) And whatcha gonna do (ROCK YOU) Hot as a pistol Loaded like a gun Waiting for some action Gotta have my fun Don't just sit there C'mon get up and move If you want to Tell ya' what we're gonna do (chorus-2) Rock you (ROCK YOU) Rock You (ROCK YOU) I've been waiting for so long For the outcome Gotta play it strong So just don't sit there C'mon get up and move If you want to Tell ya' what we're gonna do (chorus-2)
  4. How about a Floundering Tree Frog?
  5. I have 2 covers of this "ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL" one by KORN and the other one says its Marilyn Manson, but I cant find it anywhere that says he did a cover of it... Does anyone know if it is him or aomeone else? If so then who? thanks a bunch
  6. God I hate that..Then someone tries to argue with you over who sings a song... Thats were song facts comes in.
  7. If I am correct, its a myth... Although this song is always being mistaken for Zeppelin... I am pretty sure they didnt do a cover of it...
  8. Im going to school to be a radio DJ im sure I can give some pointers...
  9. Circle of Friends By Edie Brickell... I think this song is perfect for this situation
  10. I knew the bride- Nick Lowe Come dancing- The Kinks Walk of life- Dire Straits Oh yes and you cant forget... The chicken dance and the Macerania....
  11. Come Back Down by BUSH love and hate get it wrong she cut me right back down to size sleep the day let it fade who was there to take your place no one knows never will mostly me but mostly you what do you say do you do when it all comes down I don't want to come back down from this cloud taken me all this time to find out what I need and I'm doing fine now there's no blame only shame when you beg you just complain more I come more I try all police are paranoid so am I so's the future so are you be a creature what do you say do you do when it all comes down
  12. :jack:Theres this song that uses the background music from Green Acers... It goes something like "gimme that beat that beat"... then a little somthing to the tune of Green acers. ANyone have any ideas???
  13. :jack:Well now we have it all... A frog that is a prince....My life is now complete.....
  14. :jack:At this point any prince will do....
  15. :jack:"Kick Start My Heart" by Motley Crue...When I was in high school this is the song our basketball team would warm up too.. Really gets the people going!!
  16. :jack:FINALLY!!! Got my Prince, I'm happy now!!!
  17. I know and I just asked a simple question that required a simple answer.. But it is funny that it went this far...Still haven't got my prince yet!!!
  18. Well everyday since the 70's, that could't be. I wasnt born until 1976. Now that I got my frog I am happy, but i'm sure soon I will complain that I want my flounder!!!
  19. What about the one eyed sea serpant???
  20. I feel the love, I do, I really do!!
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