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    Your Top 10 Favorite Movies

    It's really hard to do this. SO many movies 1. Billy Madison 2. Forrest Gump 3. Pirates Of The Caribbean 4. Batman Begins 5. Fight Club 6. XMen 7. X2 8. Kingdom of Heaven 9. Edward Scissorhands 10. Girls Gone Wild 4 Just kidding. The real 10 is::::: 10. Girls Gone Wild 3
  2. Aerial Boundaries - Michael Hedges Script For a Jesters Tear - Marillion
  3. Danielj

    Songs with a spoken part

    About everything by X to the Z Xzibit and Eminem, and whatever other rappers are popular.
  4. Danielj

    La De Da - Joel Plaskett. . . . try it

    I hear Portland has a good scene.
  5. Danielj

    Freedom Kills

    I appreciate that more than almost anything anybody has ever said to me.
  6. Danielj

    Freedom Kills

    Freedom stabs men in the back While Liberty holds women to the corners And Justice covers the windows and doors With red white and blue Freedom Kills And just like the first kings and queens Freedom is always self-proclaimed When are you ever in full control? When are we ever really free in body, or soul?
  7. Danielj

    La De Da - Joel Plaskett. . . . try it

    Wow, I didn't know he was popular even outside the Maritimes
  8. Danielj

    La De Da - Joel Plaskett. . . . try it

    Really? Where do you live?
  9. Danielj

    Sufjan Stevens

    Check out the entire Seven Swans Album everyone, it's incredible
  10. Secret Story - Pat Metheny If anyone has any stereotypes about jazz or Pat Metheny, throw them out the window now. This is without a doubt the most beautiful and fulfilling album I have ever heard. The first song, Above the treetops has an african theme with beautiful vocals from a london choir in the background. The second, Facing West is my favorite song on the album, and has in my opinion the best guitar solo ever written. It is upbeat, and unlike in songs such as stairway to heaven, the guitar solo doesnt sound as if it is forced and the song was changed to include it, it just flows. Although the album needs every song to be what it is, I won't go into detail about every one; But the fourth is another song that captivates you. It has three parts, the first that I have heard described as "oriental funk". It has a gripping vocal line, (no lyrics). The second includes lots of strings, and is manyl a buildup to the third. The third has a nice piano riff and more gripping vocals in a lower range and it ends in a fade out guitar solo. The fifth is called The Longest Summer and has a beautiful piano riff that seems to ease all the pain in the world. It has changes you don't expect but which make perfect sense afterwards. Again, another one of Methenys signature beautifully crafted guitar solos. Not a note that should be changed. The next few songs are much darker, but give the album an eerie edge that give it character. See the world (9th) is an upbeat song with lots of piano and guitar, and the tenth, As a flower blossoms has a lot of hand drumming and piano riffs, like the rest of the album. The 12th, The truth Will Always be is the last epic song of the album where it starts off slowly and bursts into a long guitar solo with a tone that none other can match. he final two songs are shorter and have a lot of strings, and give the album a finality. If you didnt bother to read that, and skip to this, the song has several epic songs, and several shorter upbeat or slow songs to follow them. Really a perfect album. The best way to put it is that, if anyone were ever to cover a song, they would be foolish to change anything. You can't show it up.
  11. Danielj

    No Respect

    Jimi Hendrix haha, but eventually (duhhhh) he was respected in America
  12. Danielj

    Who gives you chills?

    Oh Yeah, Moondance is definetly his best. The entire Script For A Jesters Tear album by Marillion gives me the chills. his voice is just so dark and frightening. It's incredible what he can convey not only by words but by tone.
  13. Danielj

    Figure 8 - Elliott Smith

    Figure 8 - Elliott Smith 1. "Son of Sam" – 3:04 2. "Somebody That I Used to Know" – 2:09 3. "Junk Bond Trader" – 3:49 4. "Everything Reminds Me of Her" – 2:37 5. "Everything Means Nothing to Me" – 2:24 6. "L.A." – 3:14 7. "In the Lost and Found (Honky Bach)/The Roost" – 4:32 8. "Stupidity Tries" – 4:23 9. "Easy Way Out" – 2:44 10. "Wouldn't Mama Be Proud?" – 3:25 11. "Color Bars" – 2:19 12. "Happiness/The Gondola Man" – 5:04 13. "Pretty Mary K" – 2:36 14. "I Better Be Quiet Now" – 3:35 15. "Can't Make a Sound" – 4:18 16. "Bye" – 1:53 Elliott Smith is an artist who was never in the soptlight, or really popular, but I think he is one of the best songwriters of the 90's and 00's. This album is my favorite of his. His music, if you aren't familiar is pretty much alternative rock, or indie i suppose. Folky at times. It starts off strong with a tune called Son of Sam which is fairly upbeat and that has a really cool vocal melody. It breaks into a cool electric riff toward mid song. Junk Bond Trader, the third song is another fairly catchy tune with some amazing harmonies, and a cool picking of the chords. L.A. is a bit more of a standard rock and roll song as far as guitar riffs go, and is again catchy as usual. Stupidity Tries, another notable song that is a little softer but still exciting. The lyrics in this one really catch my attention. Easy Way Out is an acoustic song that has a sort of orchestral feel, without the orchestra. The lyrics present a good idea. Happiness, the 12th song is the most popular song on the album between the fans i know. It is I guess you could say the most epic song going into a fairly intense and 'busy' chorus, and stripped down to the amazing riff repeated alot through the song. The rest of the album is fairly standard, nothing that really stands out. I'd better be quiet now is an interesting acoustic one. basically, this album is really solid, with great lyrics, and if you like kind of alternative rock, folk rock and catchy melodies, this album is for you. No real weaknesses.
  14. Danielj

    Nic Cage...going gold lame!!

    Why would he want to be Liberacee? Why? I had so much respect.
  15. Danielj

    Seu Jorge - The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions

    Good lord he has a deep voice.
  16. Danielj

    Figure 8 - Elliott Smith

    I agree with the vocal comment, Elliott Smith was very insecure, and I think that because of that never really sang out. Between The Bars is a cool little song.
  17. Danielj

    Seu Jorge - The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions

    Interesting. I'm legally downloading it as we speak.
  18. Danielj

    Nick Drake - "Pink Moon"

    Fantastic album. Title song is my favorite Nick Drake song outside Black Eyed Dog. Great review as usual Batman. You've really spread out your musical taste. I like reading yor reviews
  19. Danielj

    Your Favourite Music Videos

    Savin Me by Nickelback. Not a big fan of the song, but i think the video is awesome. A man gets his life saved at the start of the video after getting pulled away from an oncoming bus. Basically after that, the man starts seeing numbers over peoples heads. He is mystified and is waving over their heads, and people are freaked out. He figures out what is going on when he sees an old woman carried out to an ambulance her time is counting down 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, death. in the end he sees a girl going up to a car with a 5 over her head. He rushes forward and saves her, then hurries away. The fadeout is her looking above peoples heads.
  20. Danielj

    50 albums that changed music

    That's a list thats almost impossible to make without a lot of controversy. You could find at least 50 genres themselves who have one artist or band at the forefront, but then youd be leaving everything else out.
  21. Danielj

    ROCKSTAR: Supernova

    Top 4 are obviously going to be lukas dilana storm and toby. Who knows where itll go from there?
  22. Danielj

    Whats the deal with Emo?

    It's a phase Im sure everyone will grow out of. I have to disagree with batman in saying that emo bandsa re modern day blues bands. Blues is much more soulful than emo. And there are no blues songs about slitting wrists or anything sick like half the emo ongs out there.
  23. Danielj

    Compare Your Earnings to Top Rock Acts

    you never heard of cirque du soleil?
  24. Danielj

    Caught up in rebellion

    You say you want to get out of this place, I don't see why Cause everywhere you go you see people that you know, But maybe you're not such a people person, I don't know you too well If you'd give me the chance I'd take you downtown, in this small town To all the parking lots to hear real conversations I know you're caught up in rebellion And hair and nails and tunes But if you gave me the chance, I'd tell you you're the only one who matters I'd prove it to you Downtown in this small town In the parking lots we could have a real conversation I saw a light in your eye Like New York City from the sky I told you not to cry And that everyone dies Downtown in a small town All the parking lots, they're a setting made for me