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    Interesting read- most depressing songs

    Good list, but wrong title.
  2. Danielj

    Relationship Deal Breakers: Music

    Of course, I'm sure there could be some exceptions depending on . . . personality. . .
  3. Danielj

    Check out Marillion with a free CD!

    BUMP so that everyone new can order the CD!!!! BTW, anyone who listens to them notice that they all seem to get fat. Fish got fat, then Rothery, now Hogarth :P:P Still, amazng musicians and writers. Hogarth has one of the strongest voices in music today. Everyone check out this Crash Course CD.
  4. Danielj

    Iron And Wine

    iron and Wine is one Samuel Beam, his acoustic guitar, banjo and some slide here and there. His album Creek drank the cradle is a very relaxed album that could be considered folk/indie. His lyrics are very thought provoking and interestng. The themes are often southern and show southern imagery. There are references to the bible in many spots, though not always in a religious sense. Bascally, this music is very relaxing, just lying in your bed at night, drifting off.
  5. Danielj

    Our Lady Peace

    I never created this before now because I guess I thoguht OLP were rather popular everywhere. Our Lady Peace are an awesome Candian band, that are pretty popular up here. They are pretty rockin; but also have some amazing acoustic and soft songs. Unfortunately, their last few albums have been poor, but I hope they will come back. With the albums 'Clumsy' and 'Happiness... is not a fish you can catch' the guitars were rockin and melodic, the vocals were dangerous. Raine (vocals) has a great voice for rock. His falsetto is amazing, and he really used it on earlier albums. These guys are one of my favorite bands from the late 90's early 00's. Great lyrics, vocals, and instruments that don;t overdo everything, which is rare for that time period. I saw these guys in May, and it was SO rockin I was singing along to lyrics I didn't know I knew. If you aren't listening to OLP you are missing out BIG TIME. Check em out. Notable songs: Superman's Dead 4 A.M. One Man Army Thief Clumsy Life Innocent Automatic Flowers Waited Where Are You
  6. Danielj

    Concerts You've Attended

    OK revised edition for mine. Regrettable concerts: Default, Sum 41. The rest:P : Australian Pink Floyd (Obviously, an Australian PF tribute band) Joel Plaskett (Solo Acoustic) Guy Davis (Solo Blues guitar) Joel Plaskett (With band) twice Sisters Euclid (Most rocking jazz band of all time) Our Lady Peace (Amazing really) Openers worth mentioning Two Hours Traffic Neverending White Lights Pete Elkas:rockon: Matt Barber Vanessa Rodrigues Soul Project
  7. Danielj

    Is Music in Television dead?

    I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not. I never can with you Batman
  8. Danielj

    Rare finds!!

    A guy named Erik Mongrain has no records released, and pretty much the only place you can find his music is on youtube. He is probably the best guitarist thats ever lived IMO. Not the most enjoyable, or soulful YET, but in terms of talent and potential, I think he could be the greatest. I'm sure Jimi hendrix or Joe Satch couldn't do any of that. Airtap PercusienFA Fusions Timeless
  9. Danielj

    Most Important Songs 1965-1991

    Think about what you're saying. '68 and 6'9 were the psychadelic years, lots of influence. You couldn't put the stooges over much then.
  10. Danielj

    Relationship Deal Breakers: Music

    I wouldnt expect any girls in my town to even know who any of the artists I'm listening to a lot lately are. But as long as they have an open mind towards music, then it's alright with me. No heavy metal though, and if they like rap at least don't make it any chart topping rap songs. Good lord those are horrible.
  11. Danielj

    Is Music in Television dead?

    MTV really isn't MusicTeleVision anymore. There are some shows concerning music, but not a whole lot. The main outlet for music in TV now is definetly shows like the OC, Cold Case(Really good soundtracks) etc. BUT as much crap is on MTV I can't see how people dont like Pimp My Ride and Cribs. I can't get enough of them. It's modern entertainment with real people. Everyone likes cars, and watching people without much in their lives get their dream cars is awesome. Also, there is a lot of comedy in it. People are judging these shows before they see them. If you just sit down without any pre-conceptions I think ther is a lot of entertainment there. Not a drama that will get you emotional or anything, but a good break at 2:30 from my guitar playing for some peanut butter, Five Alive and X to the Z XZIBIT.
  12. Danielj

    Indie Music!!!!

    Indie has become probably the most popular 'genre' in music today, at least around where I live. I think most indie bands can also fall into other genres as well. Ther is basically no indie played on the radio, but almost everyone seems to have heard it. The definition of indie to me is rock that I can enjoy, that is being made recently or presently, and that isn't in the mainstream. Tegan and Sara, Sufjan Stevens etc.
  13. Danielj

    ROCKSTAR: Supernova

    magni and Ryan have started kicking butt. Lukas was good on creep too.
  14. Danielj

    Make me a "BEST OF CD"

    I didn't before, I'd heard a lot about them though, and when you mentioned it I looked them up, they seem pretty good.
  15. This list can include instrumental acoustic songs, or your traditional 'guitar solo' done on acoustic guitar. 1. Hot Type - Michael Hedges 2. Tribes - Preston Reed 3. Carmine St. - Kaki King 4. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd (Gilmour) 5. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes - CSN (Stills)
  16. Danielj

    Make me a "BEST OF CD"

    Haha I made a "Dan Gillis starter pack" for some friends so that they understand really what my music is about. Perfect. 1. Script for a jester's tear - Marillion 2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd 2. Junk Bond Trader - Elliott Smith 3. Red Shoes - Elvis Costello 4. What A Good Boy - Barenaked Ladies 5. Desert Rose - Eric Johnson 6. Hesitation Blues - Hot Tuna 7. Carmine Street - Kaki king 8. Bensusan - Michael Hedges 9. Facing West - Pat Metheny 10. Song For The Boys - Pat Metheny 11. West Coast Blues - Wes Montgomery 12. Werewolves Of London - Warren Zevon 13. And It Stoned Me - Van Morrison 14. Sevan Swans - Sufjan Stevens 15. Cello Song - Nick Drake 16. Soup - Blind Melon 17. Voodoo Child (full thing not Slight Return) - Jimi Hendrix 18. Happen Now - Joel Plaskett 19. Funkier Than A Mosquitos Tweeter - Nina Simone 20. Superman's Dead - Our Lady Peace
  17. Danielj

    Seven Swans - Sufjan Stevens

    Seven Swans - Sufjan Stevens I had heard from a friend that Sufjan Stevens was a great listen, so he hooked me up with Michigan, Illinois and Seven Swans. I listened to Michigan, and I wasn't too impressed, certainly not bad, but some of the songs just went nowhere. I listened to Illinois, and I enjoyed it more than Michigan, there were some amazing songs, but again some songs that just started up with horns, got too busy and went nowhere. Then came Seven Swans, and I was amazed. From the first chords of All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands, it had me. So simple, but brilliant. All of the songs are low key and acoustic, but each verse more instruments or voices are added. The magic of instruments you don't usually hear in indie or folk music is undeniable. It was just so relaxing, and refreshing. By the fourth song, To Be Alone With You I was completely entranced. I lay on my bed and just listened to the words "To be alone with you" It was beautiful, but dark at the same time, and almost scary. Almost every song on the album is like an adventure, exploring new things, and enjoying all of them. By The time i got to the title song, I didn't think he could make a better impression on me, but I listened, and I still couldn't believe it. The way he sings, plays instruments and writes is amazing. Sufjan will repeat lines he likes to give them effect, and it works. His lines are etched in your mind : He Will Take you, If You Run, He Will Chase you He Willl Take you, If You Run He Will Chase You By the end of the song, there are drums, several voices, piano, banjo, guitar, organ and god knows what else. Then I heard he plays ALL the instruments on the album, and I was blown away. This album is truly magical, and if you haven't heard it, you are missing out.
  18. Danielj

    What determined your musical tastes?

    SONGFACTS helped me determine my musical taste for anything rock n roll. For Jazz, folk etc, my dad, friends, Halifax Jazz Fest, and my guitar. I never woyuld have heard of artists such as Kaki King or Michael Hedges if I hadnt started playing guitar.
  19. Danielj

    The Top 50 Albums of Our Time

    "All of RAP".. . Is that even gramatically correct?
  20. Danielj

    Photos of Hope

    Beautiful photographs and stories. I must say, the Southern bearded Saki looks like a real life Mickey Mouse in a bad mood.
  21. Danielj

    favorite decade of music

    1990-2000 i think . . . . OR 65-75
  22. La De Da - Joel Plaskett 1. Absentminded Melody 2. Happen Now 3. Lonely Love 4. Lying On A Beach 5. Television Set 6. Truth Be Told 7. Wishing Well 8. Non-Believer 9. Nina And Albert 10. Paralyzed 11. Natural Disaster 12. Love This Town This is an album with an interesting story. Joel, after recording two VERY rocking cd's with his band The Emergency, received an email from a fan in Mesa, Arizona to come record a cd for free with him. So he packed up, left Halifax with a few songs, wrote a few more on the trip, finished some more in the studio. Joel plays tenor, acoustic and electric guitars, drums and keyboard on this album. He has a bassist and a Lap-Steel player with him. The album starts out very intimate and relaxing with Absentminded Melody and quickly bursts into a song that really makes you go "WOW", Happen Now. Those first two songs, after listening to Joel's previous albums that were really rockin', really showcased how how diverse Joel is. Although there are more folk songs on the album, such as the very personal and epic Non-Believer, and the closing song, Love This Town, there are also some upbeat songs. Natural Disaster is the epitome of folk-rock in my opinion, the opening riff with the distorted guitars were really surprising, pleasing, after pretty much all acoustics. La De Da incorporates great songwriting, musicianship, and lots of different musical styles. Give it a shot, it's like a breath of fresh air.
  23. Danielj

    Top 5 Acoustic Guitar Solos

    Hesitation Blues, how'd I forget that one. I can't figure out exactly what he does in the intro, I know the verses but man . . . he's amazing/.
  24. Danielj

    La De Da - Joel Plaskett. . . . try it

    Does Seattle still have a good scene? Thats near Portland isn't it?..... Radiohead-heads lol.. Halifax has a pretty good scene I think, good jazz scene at least, and some good bands have come out, Sloan, Joel Plaskett. PLUS, I only need to be 19 to go to bars and etc.
  25. Danielj

    Nina Simone

    Nina Simone is a jazz blues singer and pianist. Her smokey voice is really interesting and powerful, just like some of the lyrics she sings. But she does have a fun and upbeat side to her. The song Funkier than a mosquitos tweeter is just that, funkier than a mosquitos tweeter. About 14832756743684758429068 different tams at the start and great lyrics like "You've got a mouth like a herd of boll weevils" Check her out, she's great.