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  1. Got that covered, Blues! Got a Warn XD9000 up front....
  2. Thinking about what to load in the Jeep for a little trip to the soggy desert....
  3. cold and damp. 70% chance of rain tomorrow, a couple of days of no rain, then more rain. I am taking my Jeep out this weekend to meet with 22 of my closest friends to go out into the desert. Should be fun.
  4. They are cool,,,,like a giant pill bug.
  5. Kinda like a river boat pilot called Mark Twain..... Congrats Edna!
  6. Such a nice young lady our Radhika has grown into! Why, I remember when she was only 18....
  7. It is probably more like he was mugged and this is what he fanaticized he had done.
  8. 48 and raining sideways. waiting for the hills to give way the next town over. Its ugly.
  9. You have any tornadoes near you Lucky? We are dealing with mud flows here....waiting for some serious mud slides with the next storm. Almost 500 houses are to be evacuated tomorrow when the rain starts. These are all houses that almost burned down a few months ago from The Station fire. Yikes.
  10. May not be a crime in California much longer....at least as far as state gov is concerned. It's the Feds that dont care to budge.
  11. ss sees the more things change, the more they stay the same.
  12. Way to make me feel jealous, Ron! I had a maduro Excalibur #2 yesterday while pruning the roses. I think you may have me beat!
  13. ss is getting funding for a product that no one will want.
  14. I am sure you will get to play in the sand before too long.
  15. They are probably saving you for Yeman.....
  16. No, but my dad was a 1st Lt in The Corp during the Korean war and my grandfather was a "China Marine." He was lucky and got out of China about 6 months before the war started. He did end up in Guadalcanal and a few other garden spots before the war ended. He retired after the Korean War as a Master Sergeant. I was very close to going in after high school in 1985, but the recruiter would not promise me the job I wanted right away. He said I should just sign up and that I would be able to get the job (crash crew) after I had been in a while. I told him that I knew I would more than likely remain in the infantry for my entire career and "no thanks." Sometimes, I wish I went in anyway. I ended up going back to school for another two years and then working on an ambulance in So Central LA. So, six promotions to go then......that makes you an E-5?
  17. I could see that becoming tiresome. So, how long till you get to Master Gunnery Sergeant?
  18. What, you dont like MRE's, Marine?
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