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  1. No desire to be a detective.
  2. I have been passed over for Lenny Brisco again! Damn it!! There is a chance I will be getting my shift moved to daytime hours. 6am to 2pm Mon-Fri, weekends off. The only thing that would suck for me would be having to get up at 430am every day. We will see.... Wait a minute.......Lenny Brisco is dead! I dont think I want his job!
  3. That is the kind of ingenuity that tamed the west!
  4. Today marks the 20th year in my chosen profession. Time has flown.
  5. Sunny and 63 today. Supposed to rain again tomorrow. There have been a lot of problems around here with mud slides and roads being washed out. There have already been 9 homes red tagged due to mud flows and 40 some odd places damaged. 800 places were ordered to evacuate at 530 Saturday morning. Things are not looking good if there is more heavy rain.
  6. Where is the tea? I can not be sure that is Radhi without seeing the tea.....
  7. Why cant we have eternal life and never die?
  8. Area defense ships with proven ABM capability concentrating in the Gulf and eastern Med. Ahmadinejad boasting about a terrible message to be delivered to the west on Feb. 11......... MADE ME THINK OF THIS SONG http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcEgUQCt_i4
  9. I have always been afraid of a ember popping out of the fire and burning me in a delicate location.
  10. Count me as one who also thought he had already died.
  11. Ron, just walk around with your head cocked to the side. That will take care of it...
  12. not yet at least! qwerty.....got it. Thanks!
  13. He was very classy with his farewell statement, too. Respect.
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