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  1. He just died. I found out 10 minutes ago that he was on life support. He had a stroke.
  2. That happens to me too when I drink a strong tea.
  3. My first new car that I bought myself was a 1990 240sx. A red hatchback at 21% financing! I kept it for 9 months then sold it for a 4x4. It was a fun car.
  4. I am so freaking tired today. I can barely keep my eyes open.
  5. I am sure that where ever you have been,Radhi, there will be people that miss you, too.
  6. They are out there, Ron!
  7. I am jealous, Jenny! Have a great time!
  8. Damn! I would hate to be caught out in that!
  9. I am pretty happy about kicking the electronic butt of some malware I accidentally downloaded when looking for UFO footage.
  10. Congratulations, Shawna! Good job!!
  11. Look out, Rocky,,,,,there may be a shoe being flung at your head soon
  12. I am trying to get used to my new schedule. It is nice having the weekends off and being at home at night for the first time in 20 years, but this getting up at 430am everyday will take some getting used to.
  13. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_obit_horne
  14. I love referring to myself as "The Ugly American" with my European friends...
  16. Only if your sponge is clean.
  17. I made pancakes and coffee for my wife this morning, which were really good! In a little while, I will be off to the store to get the stuff to make beef Stroganoff. I feel very useful today!
  18. Thats the way I have always thought about it. If you are American, you are American. The hyphen American thing always seemed divisive to me.
  19. Coughing so hard, it hurts your taint and snot running like a faucet. Maybe we use different stuff. You have to be very careful about how close you are to the person being sprayed and if you are indoors. It is easy to effect yourself and your partners.
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