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  1. I thought this has to do with Beethoven "rolling over in his grave" because this of wild and unsophisticated new music.
  2. Yes _Annabelle_ That would be Cat Ballou from way way back in 1965. Jane Fonda is "Cat", and Lee Marvin has a memorable dual role.
  3. Kurt Russell and Ernest Borgnine were in Escape From New York. How about this odd couple?
  4. That one would be Here I Go Again by Whitesnake. Are they a hair band, or what?
  5. That's Locomotive Breath by Jethro Tull (1971).
  6. Nancy Sinatra is a role model.
  7. I don't. I collect interesting image files. They fit fine on my hard drive. The walls at home are covered with my girlfriend's artworks. Love Is In The Air
  8. and a couple more Bo Diddley for me Fillmore West 1970 artist: David Singer Whiskey A-Go-Go 1967 artist: Dennis Loren
  9. A couple for you, bluesboy Ninth Annual B.B. King Blues Festival (2000) Look at that line-up! Another David Singer poster for a B.B. King performance (1969) at Fillmore West with Aum and The Frost (both those bands seem to have slipped into obscurity).
  10. Brian Wilson 2001 Tour artist: Mark London
  11. For a time, the surrealistic collage work of artist David Singer dominated the posters for Fillmore West and other Bill Graham venues. Various examples from 1969 & 1970.
  12. Tower of Power Steamheat 1976 Armadillo World Headquarters artist: Micael Priest
  13. Bob Seger & Ruby Starr 1976 Armadillo World Headquarters Austin, Texas artist unknown
  14. 2002 Sunshine Theatre Albuquerque, NM artist: Emek
  15. Still more Dead artists: Bob Masse (Vancouver, B.C.) ** Micael Priest (Austin, Texas)
  16. The poster is not exactly a work of art, but a pretty solid "Caravan of Stars". Bo Diddley should have top billing.
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