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  1. Loverboy, right? OK-- 1. Formed in 1972 by two Kent State students who were on campus during the National Guard shootings. 2. Name refers to a theory that mankind is regressing not evolving. 3. 1978 national debut, considered a new wave classic, was produced by Brian Eno
  2. "I'll be 117 U'll still be sayin Baby not 2nite"--Prince
  3. 92 Luft Balloons. No, wait, that's 99. 92 Days Of Rain-Corey Hart
  4. What about We Are The Champions, cpride!
  5. One of the great and, I think, vastly underrated songs of all time.
  6. I nominate Sir Chimpie for class clown.
  7. OK, earth-angel, love, you're excused. ::
  8. Yeah, I know, if you had to compile a list of favorite songs, you could probably tick off about a thousand. But what if it's judgment day and the fate of your soul rested on that one song out of a thousand, the one that just hits you in the gut? What song would that be? Mine is Let's Stay Together by Al Green. What about yours? (And remember, just one!)
  9. You an outcast? I thought you were one of the founding mums on this site! : OK, windy love, (since I put up John's picture in my cubicle, I have this urge to speak Brit!), didn't hear the Kid Rock thing you refer to, but absolutely love Fat Botttomed Girls and the song that it was paired with as a single, Bicycle Race. In fact, I think Queen's Jazz album, where both songs can be found, is a very underrated work. Now back to your room!
  10. Go to Hell! Oh yeah that's right, you already live there.
  11. Spinal Tap The Rutles The Carpenters
  12. Step off, cyberdemon. I feel like being righteous for a while. (And what the H does "ese" mean?)
  13. If you're gonna quote something, quote it all! The rest of what he said is "Jesus was all right, but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It's them twisting it that ruins it for me." That's the full context, and I think that much of what he said HAS proven to be true. Whatever your interpretation of his words, though, I have to say I don't appreciate your crude, hateful comments about Lennon. He was a great artist who a lot of people like me admired. So he was a flawed human being--who the F isn't--but that doesn't take away one iota from his awesome contribution to our music and our culture. (And it is only my respect for the people who run this board, and for those who post their comments, that prevents me from telling you how I really feel.)
  14. Don McLean had a hit with a remake of Orbison's "Crying" and I believe he also wrote and recorded "Vincent" (Van Gogh) which was a minor hit.
  15. Hi, HD, it's always nice to see you :: I don't like the Packers this year because they've killed me on my pools (not that I gamble on football or anything!) But didn't know Brett Favre was popular on Betelgeuse See you soon, love.
  16. To Steel2Velvet Thanks for that info on Marmalade I've always loved that song--nicely sad and haunting (though doesn't it kind of sound like early Bee Gees, which I like too.) Along those lines, one of my all-time favorites was Seasons In The Sun by Terry Jacks. Not many people realize it was a remake of a Jacques Brel song, and though the arrangement was a little too breezy, it did have its heart-tugging moments ("Goodbye Papa it's hard to die, when all the birds are singing in the sky, now that spring is in the air, all the children everywhere, when you see them I'll be there.") Also, Alone Again Naturally is another unique pop song that expresses loss. (Though it does kinda make you want to take the bridge!)
  17. (Actually, jr, I was thinking it'd be easy-Highway 61 Revisited you know-but you like the road less travelled I see.) Campfire Girl #62-Guttermouth
  18. 1960-America (who's the lucky one who gets 61?)
  19. Whoa that dancing banana is way too freaky for me. HD, you know you're my heart, but chimpevil seems to have a certain, you know, je ne sais quoi that I find appealing. Besides there's always room for another young,hip thing on this site! ::
  20. OK you are welcomed. The site definitely could use some young, hip blood. Now I am a sporadic contributor, but I have found the people that post here to be pretty damn savvy, and funny too. I think it's great that your family influenced your musical knowledge. My older brothers exposed me to the great music of the 60's, and I had an uncle who hipped me to jazz and blues. I have a great appreciation for all types of music (though I must admit that contemporary country leaves me cold and rap seems pretty stagnant to me.) I really like the Beatles, Zappa and Hendrix, etc., etc, but I also really like 70's soul and mellow acoustic, acid jazz and funk, folk, blues of all types, "new wave" (Elvis Costello is one of my all-time favorites), as well as the so-called alternative stuff of the modern era. So there I'm an eclectic fool who just loves good music. And you (though you're so damn young) seem to have similar instincts. Enjoy the site! (And please do not take offense but I have to say that your career choice as a model (per your bio) seems to be right on judging by your pic. )
  21. The song I lost my virginity to (God I'm old!): :: Let's Stay Together-Al Green
  22. I'm an oldster, having grown up in the 70's, and the R&b/soul/funk was varied and awesome. Today, I see a vast wasteland of rap and overly stylized crap, but then again I'm not as up on things as I would like to be. So help an old man out--what would you recommend as good rhythm and blues (or whatever you want to call it) that's out today (or even from a few years ago?) Educate me, please!
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