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  1. For starters he was from Dallas where I'm from. Seriously though, unless you have a hearing fusion it should be obvious. Try and isolate the lead guitar parts in his songs. Do this for at least 15 minutes each day for a week. If the confusion doesn't clear up, then check back. Like exercize, a daily dose of Stevie would be helpful for anyone.
  2. This is all I've ever heard from him, but so good. "Exit Stage Left" by Rush And the envelope says, Best Group Best Live Performance Best Drum Solo Best Song with Biblical Reference Best Song about an Automobile Best... Best... It wins in every category
  3. Didn't see either of them coming. I'm real tired of watching Richard Gere basically playing himself, a middle-age successful type who supposedly cares for the little guy, or girl depending on the movie. Those beady eyes just have a frightening look to them. "Primal Fear", however is a great movie and I've suffered through watching Richard in it several times. I did like "Breathless" but that was before Gere became an annoying middle age successful type. "Identity" wasn't the best movie but even the birthday thing didn't tip me off. Cusack is kind of the anti-Gere. I've always been sur
  4. My Love's Leavin -- Steve Winwood Mona Lisa's and Madhatters -- Elton John All Cried Out -- Alison Moyet Alone Again, Naturally -- Gilbert O'Sullivan Living Years -- Mike and the Mechanics Why Can't it Wait till Morning -- Phil Collins Operator -- Jim Croche Everybody Loves Me But You -- Julianna Hatfield Undertow -- Genesis She's Leaving Home -- The Beatles Blasphemous Rumours -- Depeche Mode Sinking -- The Cure Barely Breathing -- Duncan Sheik Coming up Close -- Til Tuesday This is the Day -- The The The Boxer -- Simon and Garfunkel Right about at this point in my playlist
  5. June 23, Dallas. My tickets cost 79.50, then the evil, monopolistic Ticketmaster tacked on 8.50; $88 total.
  6. Rush: Spirit of Radio Mystic Rhythms Red Barchetta The Beatles: Within You Without You Long and Winding Road Eight Days a Week Peter Gabriel: Solsbury Hill Shaking the Tree Steam But so many more from each of these.
  7. Butthole Surfers Circle Jerks Jimmy Eat World A-Ha Echo and the Bunnymen The Sneaker Pimps Wang Chung Siouxsie and the Banshees Smashing Pumpkins Voice of the Beehive Puddle of Mudd All unusual sounding if you had to use them in a sentence, and then explained how they refer to a group of people playing music. How about "Sonic Death Monkey" I know its not original but its cooler sounding than "Billy Jive and the Uptown Five" and "Tenacious D" and Jack Black could be happy with any of them since he's been in bands with each of these names, although the first two were only i
  8. Early on Saturday I was asked to get out of the way of one camera, so definitely they were filming. And then I saw other cameras throughout the site. If anyone finds out about a film, please post something. It wasn't Woodstalk or anything, but so much talent :guitar: in one place at one time. It was very cool.
  9. I'm a big fan of the 'Furs and even playing the song over in my head, I can't make sense out of the lyrics: "A man in my shoes runs a light and all the papers lied tonight" "It makes no sense and all your talk and supermen just take away the time" "The ghost in you she don't fade" "And love, love, love, you can't give it away" Those are just several of the lines, but he's obviously in love with someone; I just can't figure out if shes leaving him, they are just now getting together, or if it's something he's felt for a while and is just now saying it. Sorry, now I'm confused.
  10. Good list, I had forgotten how well Prince can play the guitar, the list said that he was channeling Hendrix at the time. I like the feedback at the start of the Beatles "I feel fine". It was the first song by them that I ever heard and I was 'hooked' after that. The bass intro to the Chili Peppers "Behind the Sun" The dial-up modem connection sound, remember those, at the start of Vallejo's "Into the New". The first time I heard it I was in a car, the radio people stopped talking, and then I thought someone was trying to connect to the internet. It's a great song and I felt kind o
  11. Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" from "Apocalypse Now". I'm not a big fan of Wagner but every time I hear the piece I picture Duval's helicopters approaching the beach. I know the piece is from an opera but there isn't any singing so I consider it symphony. Easiest way to improve an opera is to not let anyone sing and call it a symphony. Tom Petty's "American Girl" from the parking lot scene at the start of "Fast times at Ridgemont High" The Stones' "Gimme Shelter" from "Casino" Yello's "Oh Yeah" from the bus scene at the end of "Ferris Buehlers Day off" Simple Mind's "Don't you
  12. Part of Russia, not influenced by Russia, was what I said. Lenin's plan also called for the transitional period that no communist nation has ever gotten past. I'm still wondering about the elected leader that you spoke of. When was that supposed to happen? Since you invoked the ghost of the nut-job Adolf by mentioning Mein Kampf, I'm wondering what the real difference is between the Marxist transitonal period and Fascism. Don't they basically both amount to a one party rule dictatorship? You know Marx wasn't a very big fan of Jews either although he did see them as a revolutionary force
  13. Russia was in the 'transitional period' that Marx said was necessary before a true communist society could be achieved. He said that all communist societies must go through such a period. Pull out your copy of Das Kapital, written in the original German I'm sure, and check it out. About the teacher thing, I'm totally on board. Many times I've said that if teacher's salaries and lawyer's salaries could be reversed we would all be much better off. There would be many more well qualified teachers and fewer lawyers. A win-win situation if ever I have seen one. Q -- What do you call 1000
  14. Wasn't it just supposed to be the transitional period before true communism could occur? What about the elected leader that you spoke of? Are you yourself a fellow traveler, komrade? Before you answer remember key operatives at the DOD and NSA monitor message boards like this. They have always suspected music loving hippie types of being subversives. I?m certain this board is carefully scrutinized. You could be just one post away from Guantanimo or simply disappearing all together. Remember Mel Gibson in ?Conspiracy Theory?. The people really didn?t get into the whole spirit of the
  15. Reminds me of the philosophy of IS. Why? It just IS. Or the mysterious and omniscient THEY. THEY tell us to... THEY act like... THEY think that.... Why IS IT that THEY want us to.... All a big conspiracy. I'm sure the all-inclusive EVERYONE has something do with IT as well. Although THEY are always telling EVERYONE what IT IS, so maybe EVERYONE is actually a victim of the viscious and ever-present 'IT IS THEY' triumvirate? EVERYONE being innocent of any real wrongdoing but guilty by association. When 'IT IS THEY' are finally brought to justice, EVERYONE could be offered a deal
  16. If John Lennon was such a wonderful communist than why did he choose to live in New York rather than Moscow?
  17. I saw this band perform last weekend and was very impressed. I found a website for them but it didn't have any touring info for them other than listing the concert where I saw them. Their music reminds me a little of Filter or Orgy. Not the Filter song that was overplayed on the radio, "Take a picture", but their really good stuff. Also from their website it appears that they toured with the Ozzfest show but I don't remember them. Here's a link to the site anyway http://www.mementoband.com The intro to the site is a good example of what I heard at the concert. So don't click the '
  18. Noel or Liam, whichever Gallagher brother had the heroin and ego problem. I love Oasis but can't stand that guy. Hootie and the Blowfish played golf all the time and smoked pot. I could really hang out with them until they decided to sing, then I would have to leave. John Lennon would probably bother me. I know his wife would. Love the music though. David Lee Roth, I wouldn't even want to talk to him except to say he should apologize to Michael and the brothers and try to get back with the band. It's interesting that the career and success that inflated his ego was destroyed beca
  19. The Nissan commercial about a truck with STP's "Wicked Garden" was cool but only because I like the song. I was disturbed when Peter Gabriel's "Come talk to me" was used in some phone company commercial. It's a beautiful song that just doesn't seem like something that should be commercialized. However, I wouldn't mind at all if Craftsman Tools wanted to use "Sledgehammer" in one of their ads.
  20. I only watched it and remember it because the high school where it was filmed was where I went to school several years later, Lake Highlands, Dallas. The mall where they had the 'battle of the bands' was a Dallas mall called Town East. In one of the scenes you can even see the fences and green windscreens of the tennis courts where I used to play. The middle name of Ron Howard's first son is actually Dallas because he was concieved during the filming. "Night Shift" was comic genius, this movie was made for TV. I liked "ED TV" but not the aftermath of reality shows that followed. Other no
  21. "Hot Dog" wasn't one of their finest moments.
  22. "Do we look like the kind of store that would have Nsync? Go to the mall!" I would never throw rotten tomatos at a fan of Jack Black. Now if you were standing next to Nsync and I had a sniper rifle... It would be a crime of passion, and I would probably get off. It would make me sad if you were hit in the crossfire. My actions would be for the greater good. Several members of this site might even contribute to my legal defense fund. You should be safe listening to them, but I wouldn't attend an autograph signing or anything involving a large crowd. Too easy to blend in with a crowd.
  23. "Puff, puff, give; you're messing up the rotation." Chris Tucker in "Friday". "Home Grown" was good also with Billy Bob Thornton, Kelly Lynch, Hank Azaria, and Jamie Lee Curtis
  24. "Less than Zero" couldn't have even been made into a movie if the screenplay had more accurately reflected the book. There were no likable people in the book. No one would have wanted to see it. A great example of when too few morals meet too much money. Drugs were only part of the problem in the book. While Clay never prostituted himself like Julian, he did participate in most of the other incidents portrayed in the movie and many that were not; kidnapping, rape, and bi-sexual sex. Nobody would have wanted to watch Andrew McCarthy taking it from behind. Tony Montanna killed a lot of pe
  25. Ditto, I didn't get to go Friday, but Saturday and Sunday were incredible.
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