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  1. Being that I?m using a friend?s computer in Dallas, I?ll try to keep my story short. I wanted to ?file? this last night but after the concert there was ?much rejoicing? and I had some difficulty navigating the keyboard of the computer. My friends were also making fun of me for even trying. I say after the concert because there was little time for drinking while I was there. Unlike many shows there was no opening act. We arrived a little late at 7:35 and were still walking towards our seats when the ?worship service? started. I realize that Mike (Pink Floyd) has yet to see the show so I w
  2. I like all the books I've read by him. He also does a good job writing women, which some authors don't. I agree about the ending of the Firm being changed for the movie. It was an interesting way to do the ending but totally different from the book. The Client was my favorite by him. If you like Robert Ludlum you might also enjoy Len Deighton John LeCarre Ken Follett Nelson DeMille Kind of like how Amazon.com says "Customers who bought this book also bought", trying to get you to buy more books.
  3. Excellent, Full Metal Jacket is one of my all-time favorites. I also like A Clockwork Orange The Shining 2001 A Space Odyssey Dr. Strangelove Eyes Wide Shut was unusual and I wouldn't want to watch it again. Lolita also wasn't one of my favorites, but that has more to do with the story than Kubrick. I've finally decided that I don't enjoy most Russian writers and should stop even trying. I'd get 500 pages into one and then think, "This book really sucks". I finally stopped trying to like Hemmingway also, so it's not some anti-Russian thing.
  4. Road to Perdition is great. I've started paying more attention to screenwriters and directors recently. Sam Mendes as a director is doing quite well. Best director for his debut film, American Beauty and now Road to Perdition. I like Tom Hanks but sometimes I still think of him dressing up like a woman to get a place to live in NY. However, the fact that I remember it means it must have been a memorable role. Everyone you mentioned is good. Have you seen the charity group Gary Sinise co-founded called "Operation Iraqi Children"? It's the kind of story the news doesn't talk about that m
  5. "Goldfinger" made the list but "Live and Let Die" didn't. So wrong, I knew people were still bitter over Roger Moore. In the top 20 there were only two songs that I like, "White Christmas" and "Mrs Robinson". And I thought "Singing in the Rain" was from "A Clockwork Orange" ::
  6. In school I'd get an 83. Now I'm going to have to get out my CDs and see if I can hear the difference. Just heard it. The "when I was a child" verses are what I was thinking about. Art Garfunkel has a really good voice also.
  7. I agree. I was just wanting to make sure that it was Gilmore singing.
  8. Bono and Sting have good voices. I also like David Gilmore's voice. I think he's the one who sings on "Us and Them", "Comfortably Numb", and "On the Turning Away". I'm sure I'm not thinking about Waters since he wasn't there for "Momentary Lapse of Reason". Let me know if I'm wrong about this.
  9. Dustin Hoffman "are you trying to seduce me?"
  10. "High Fidelity" Why "Tenacious D"? "Sonic Death Monkey" is such a better name for a band.
  11. I just looked at the nominees and saw that Kermit's "Rainbow Connection" didn't even make the list. Out of love and respect for Kermit and all things Henson I will be boycotting the broadcast. It was good to see the Soggy Bottom Boys' "Man of Constant Sorrow" on the list.
  12. I haven't seen it either, but since Tina Fey wrote the script, it has to be funny. She could carry the 'Update desk' by herself and she might have to. Does anyone know what SNL is going to do with "Weekend Update" now that Fallon is leaving? Are they going to let Tina go solo?
  13. "Standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona and such a fine sight to see. It's a girl, my lord, in a flat-bed Ford slowing down to take a look at me" Take it Easy The Eagles Nobody Walks in LA Missing Persons I Love LA Randy Newman Luckenbach Texas Waylon and Willie, and the boys Detroit Rock City Kiss Send Me Down to Tucson Mel Tillis from the "Every which way but loose" soundtrack
  14. I wish Paul McCartney had come out with more solo stuff like "Live and let die" and "Jet". I don't think "Live and let die" will win, too many people still don't like Roger Moore. I hope "Over the Rainbow" doesn't win. I always hated that movie. The 'munchkin kids' really freaked me out. I think "Rainbow Connection" should win. Kermit is so cool and the movie was good also.
  15. For great non-famous guitarists, I would pick Andy Timmons He plays mainly around Dallas, but was invited to participate in the Crossroads Guitar Festival several weeks ago. Possibly a 'hometown' selection. His band didn't even get to rehearse because the bass players wife went into labor when they had scheduled the rehearsal. They no longer play regularly. I remembered him from seeing him in the late 80's and early 90's. He was even more impressive than I remember. My favorite all-time is Eddie Van Halen with Eric Johnson coming in second.
  16. 'Ram' used as a verb. Sorry, my minds been in the gutter ever since the 'songs to make love to' post.
  17. I did say my only knowledge came from reading paper placemats at Chinese restaurants. I'm hoping it will inspire some of the same grooming techniques that are demanded of us girls. "The year of the Rooster, please keep yours neatly trimmed." One of those Braun Beard and Moustache trimmers could be helpful. I'm probably going to be as disappointed as I was with the year of the Ram that sounded so promising. And I'm a Dog, 1970, but my picture kind of gave that away.
  18. I was thinking the zodiac thing also, but in the Chinese calander that I'm familiar with, there is no "year of the Cat". However, my knowledge of this subject only comes from reading paper placemats at Chinese restaurants. The Vietnamese could have a "year of the cat". We are currently in the year of the Monkey, last year was the Ram according to the Chinese. They also start their year on Feburary 1st which gave them an extra month to prepare for Y2K. But their numbering is off as well. The year 2000 was something in the 4000's for them, so the issue probably never came up. I thought
  19. I know every word to "Tiny Dancer", what are you trying to say? I'm guessing it was played on the radio 24/7 around that time. The guys were on a bus a lot. Weren't 8-tracks the only alternative to the radio when traveling at that time? The guys probably listened to the radio all the time. And another win for CDs over vinyl. CDs can be played in a moving vehicle. All for you Musik. ::
  20. Oh Catherine, please don't call KLF rap. I posted the live version of "Last Train to Trancentral" on that 'songs to make love to' post. People might get the wrong idea about how I 'get my groove on'. I do suppose "3 AM Eternal" has some parts that could be confusesed with rap, "the K, the L, the F, and the-ology". If that's the song you're thinking about there is a 'guest DJ' on the song who does the rap parts. I'm a classic rap or hip-hop fan Sugarhill Gang Run DMC Tone Loc 3rd Bass Tribe Called Quest Jungle Brothers Young MC This newer stuff just doesn't work for me. Chr
  21. It's like that definition of porn, "I know it when I hear it". I also have a physical reaction. First my hands start to feel restless, then muscles tense up, my face feels flushed, sometimes I bite my tongue or the sides of my mouth, my legs sometimes quiver. All of this happens in a matter of seconds. If the music isn't changed or turned off, real physical pain starts to occur. These symptoms go away in less than a minute and I'm left trying to catch my breath. My heartrate doesn't slow down for several minutes after the music is gone.
  22. MTV-2 is now showing re-runs of Beavis and Butthead in the middle of the night. One of the videos they were watching tonight was by MC 900-ft Jesus Weird name, but what good news it is that B&B is on again, even if it's only re-runs.
  23. "There you go again," Scott; to quote Reagan from the Mondale debate. Yeah, Cusack was great in "Malkovich". All I was saying is that Charlie Kaufman is a brilliant screenwriter and all the different plot twists are due to his writing ability, not the actors. Does everything have to be confrontational with you? Then again, I did just quote Reagan whom I'm sure you despise. Not really fair on my part. You did, however, make fun of Dennis Miller, so we're even. And I watched "Identity" twice, it's just not one of my favorites like "Being John Malkovich". Peace.
  24. If you take just the first two lines and the title it sounds like child wanting to grow up and be an alcoholic and drink Seven-Up and Seagrams 7. When I first saw the post, I thought it was about the drink. I never checked out the rest. People on these boards already know I'm a 'stoner', I didn't want anyone thinking I was a drunk as well. As I read the lyrics it seems Sara might have a point about masturbation. "In my lonely room" -- It is a solitary practice "ice cream cone" -- Dr. Ruth used to describe the male member as this for girls having trouble with BJs "bone" -- self expla
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