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  1. Thank guys...I remember playing the points league last time. I do not know about the head to head league at all.
  2. Okay I fixed it....I think...I'm messing up already...
  3. My team is called The Badfingers, but I see it says I have another Team called LaurieTeam2?...I should only have one team, right? Not sure why it says I have two.
  4. My team is The Badfingers....Now what do I do?
  5. This should be easy... Hair Of The Dog ~ Nazareth Don't Fear The Reaper ~ Blue Oyster Cult Mississippi Queen ~ Mountain Dream On ~ Aerosmith We're An American Band ~ Grand Funk Railroad
  6. Oh great, now I have to think of something...
  7. Black Sabbath...because they don't have the word "Death" in the title.
  8. Damn, I missed this...and I actually knew a few!
  9. 1. Rockin' Robin – Jackson 5 (1972) 2. Where Did My Spring Go – The Kinks (1973) 3. Snowbird – Anne Murray (1970) 4. Jesse – Carly Simon (1980) 5. You're The Inspiration – Chicago (1984) 6. Razamanaz – Nazareth (1973) 7. Wrap It Up – Fabulous Thunderbirds (1986) 8. Sugar– Maroon 5 (2015) 9. Friends – Led Zeppelin (1970) 10 Three And A Half Letters – Chickenfoot (2011)
  10. Where Did My Spring Go ~ The Kinks (1973) Rockin' Robin ~ Jackson 5 (1972) Snowbird ~ Anne Murray (1970)
  11. I played years ago, but forgot how to do it...I will give it a try.
  12. Since we are sharing baseball stories....We had a softball game with our staff against all the "higher ups" for the company I work for. I was playing waaaaay back in the outfield when I accidently caught the ball right by the fence. I was just actually blocking the sun with my glove and happened to catch it. Sure it was a great catch and wondering why everyone was cheering so much. Come to find out that ball was hit by the CEO of the company which I had no idea at the time...I was too far away to see who was up to bat...And yeah, I didn't get fired..I still was able to keep my job...
  13. 1. The Nazz Are Blue - The Yardbirds 2. Deja Vu All Over Again - John Fogerty 3. Dr. Wu - Steely Dan 4. All Night Rain - Atlanta Rhythm Section 5. Dangerous - The Doobie Brothers 6. King Of Hollywood - The Eagles 7. Art For Art's Sake - 10cc 8. Almighty Blues - Wishbone Ash 9. Red Sky - Status Quo 10 The Captain & The Kid - Elton John
  14. Maybe I'll just bat...then I can charge the mound... Actually both of my girls were very good pitchers in high school...They definitely didn't get their athletic ability from me...
  15. I Love, love, love, your PTT, CanAm! I do believe we have similar taste in music. I'm having a hard time deciding on which 10 to use. Jenny's PTT made me want to dance, and this PTT makes me want to get in the car and crank up the tunes on a nice drive... A couple of the videos are listed under the wrong song, just got scrambled up a bit I think.. Not sure which ones, but I can go back to find out when I get a chance.. Very nice list!
  16. 1. If I Die Young – The Band Perry (2010) 2. House That Built Me, The – Miranda Lambert (2009) 3. Tulsa Queen – Emmylou Harris (1977) 4. Fool If You Think It's Over – Chris Rea (1978) 5. This Girl's In Love With You – Dionne Warwick (1970) 6. Ship Of Fools – Bob Seger (1976) 7. Keep On Truckin' – Hot Tuna (1972) 8. Sacrifice – Elton John (1990) 9. Train Tracks – Izzy Stradlin and The Ju Ju Hounds (1992) 10 Take Me To Church – Hozier (2013)
  17. This Guy's In Love With You already made the list. It's on the Every Song List but not listed on the Artists list, I will add it on. I remember nominating it also... Great song! This song brings back a memory for me. My parents owned a restaurant when I was very young. My Dad did all the cooking for the restaurant and he would play this song on the jukebox often. Remember him singing along while making up the meataballs!
  18. I've gone country this week. The House That Built Me ~ Miranda Lambert (2009) If I Die Young ~ The Band Perry (2010) Tulsa Queen ~ Emmylou Harris (1977)
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