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    Red Rubber Ball

    The heat wave is here now. This fits the bill for the sweltering soundtrack.
  2. You surely remember his "Hello" video, but check out Lionel's "Running With The Night," where he crashes a white wedding.
  3. The video is a little on the nose, but this is a great rendition.
  4. Carl

    Greta Van Fleet

    They are definitely the closest thing I've heard to Led Zeppelin. But rock may still be doomed: apparently their average fan is twice as old as they are.
  5. Carl

    The elements

    Sounds like something the Animaniacs would do.
  6. This sounds great. Was going to say I "lava" it, but fear that might be in bad taste.
  7. That IS Jack Johnson! And a bunch of other famous folks. Love that Keb Mo got choreography. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Odd but excellent. Sounds great on headphones. Found this when researching our interview with Tim Wheeler of the band Ash. Best use of cheerleaders since Nirvana.
  9. Different is accurate. They may have done better if they weren't dressed like they were going to the hardware store.
  10. Not a song I'd associate with Zombies, but it works.
  11. Maybe you don't think you need Chris Brown and Lil Dicky in your life, but you need this.
  12. Popular Artists of the 60's Archie Bell and The Drells Buffalo Springfield Creedence Clearwater Revival Doors E The Fugs G H Iron Butterfly Jefferson Airplane K Led Zeppelin Mamas & the Papas, The Nyro, Laura Oliver P Question Mark and the Mysterians Richie Havens Strawberry Alarm Clock T U Van Morrison Who, The X Yardbirds Zombies, The
  13. Love this song, and the scenery is great, but isn't it a little silly to bring electric instruments into the woods? At least plug them into an amp to give the illusion that they are creating sound, perhaps powered by a generator behind one of those sequoias.
  14. Of course Gorilla is stronger than Duck! This looks like a Tim Allen bit.
  15. We thought about integrating everything with Facebook when pretty much everyone went over there, but doing that gives them pretty much complete control, so we kept our comment system and message boards independent. What really killed us was having to move to a new platform, which was unsettling for a lot of longtime users. These boards actually work really well, but I get why they're frustrating if they're not what you're used to. The only reason we moved is because the company went kaput, and running apps with no support rarely goes well.
  16. With we had a mango season. At least we're seeing some sun for the first time in while. You know it's classy when a band is performing on a carpet.
  17. I do too. Made many deep connections and lasting relationships. This is still a good place to drop a thought, and we'll still be here.
  18. I like the contrast between ukulele and upright bass. Like a chihuahua next to a great dane.
  19. Carl

    Name Something

    Building a snowman Name the last commercial you watched from start to finish.
  20. There's a DVD out now from Robert Plant's performance at the 2016 Festival of Disruption, a David Lynch joint held in LA (probably not the guy you want asking for your ear). There's only a snippet of it on this trailer, but if you get a chance, check out what he did to "Black Dog." He doesn't go after the high notes anymore, but the arrangement is incredible, with all kinds of instruments I can pronounce thrown into the mix, courtesy of his backing band the Sensational Space Shifters. Keep in mind, he's nearly 70.
  21. You probably heard about Elton John's farewell tour, but did you know that two weeks later, Paul Simon and Ozzy Osbourne announced their last tours? Ozzy's tour is a sequel to his first farewell, the No More Tours tour in 1992. After deciding that life off the road didn't suit him, he embarked on his Retirement Sucks tour in 1995 and has been on the road ever since. His tour comes with the caveat that it only applies to "global touring," so he can still play lots of shows. The No More Tours tour wraps up in 2020. Elton John is giving himself three years to wind things down. If by the end of it he wants to keep going, it won't be his first farewell tour fake-out - he announced his last show in 1977. Simon seems most sincere, with an understated announcement that signals he's put some thought into it: "It feels a little unsettling, a touch exhilarating and something of a relief." All there are certainly of retirement age: Ozzy is 69, Elton is 70, and Simon is 76.
  22. Sweet. Good to know that movie made it to Japan.
  23. Is that Chinese Back To The Future poster on his wall?
  24. Wow. Sounds like a love quadrangle. Check out "Love Stinks" by the J. Geils Band: You love her But she loves him And he loves somebody else You just can't win
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