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  1. That's almost exactly right. There is a counter associated with each song that counts how many times it gets hit each day, week, and ever. The random feature works a little differently. It figures out how many songs are in the database, generates a random number, and picks a song assigned to that number. It's a good thing we have some very smart people working on this site.
  2. We have added a Top 10 Songs of the day list to the homepage. It's based on how many hits each song receives. This list will change throughout the day and be reset every 24 hours. It's a good way to see what songs people are interested in and gives people new to Songfacts and idea what we're about. It turns out "Stairway To Heaven" is a really popular song. The weekly list is a link and works the same way. Carl
  3. We're going to put the previous quiz anwers into a forum from now on. This will allow anyone to discuss it, and creates a way to archive them. If you have ideas for questions, please send Sara or me a private message.
  4. Gerald from Stockton, CA wins a clean and comfortable Songfacts T-shirt for his efforts. Here are the answers: What popular group was once known as Feedback? - U2 What is the last song John Lennon sang at a concert? - "Whatever Gets You Through The Night" He performed it at Elton John's Madison Square Garden show in 1974. What song became a hit when it was used in the TV show Family Ties? - "At This Moment" by Billy Vera and The Beaters I think Nick and Mallory got hot and heavy to it in that PG-rated kind of ABC sitcom way. Among bands with at least one set of twins, which has sold the most albums worldwide? - The Bee Gees Nelson was the most popular guess. Milli Vanilli was wrong for too many reasons to detail here. The Olsen Twins was a great guess, but wrong. What baseball player who is still playing recently released an album? - Bernie Williams of the New York Yankees He's lost a step in center field, but his music career is showing promise. Apparently he's a pretty good guitarist. Who are the only 2 singers in both the Rock and Country Hall of Fame? - Elvis and Johnny Cash This question was posted before Johnny Cash died, and we'll take this opportunity to say that he stayed true to himself, his fans, and his music. That's a full life. Good guesses for this one included Hank Williams, Chet Atkins and Willie Nelson. What still-active band has a name that means "A tendency to fade from sight"? - Evanescence Blur, although and excellent guess, was wrong. What was the last comedy song to hit #1 in the US? - Disco Duck by Rick Dees and his cast of idiots Dees is a Los Angeles disc jockey who is still going strong. He had this hit in 1976 and still occasionally makes fun of it on his show. Dees was host of the TV show Solid Gold in 1984. We don't count "Macarena" as comedy, but give a few of you credit for trying. What pop singer had a role in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? - Joey Fatone from 'N Sync What is the only US #1 hit released by an artist who was not signed to a record label? - "Stay" by Lisa Loeb It became a hit when it was used in the movie Reality Bites Tiebreaker: How many miles did Sara run in August? - 56. Many of them fast. Thanks to everyone who took the quiz, and be sure to take the new one here.
  5. Carl


    I don't write songs, but have talked to many people who do in order to get information for Songfacts. One thing I've learned is that great songs often happen when you're not looking for them. You can go to the Berklee School of Music, take some philosophy classes, learn about phrasing, and still have nothing interesting to write about. Then you could have your emotions mangled by a girl and write something brilliant. Janis Ian summed it up best when she told us - "You can teach the craft, not the inspiration." Carl
  6. No, not the fish (I haven't seen the movie so don't tell me if they found him), this is a showcase in Boston the weekend of Sept 5th. Lots of emerging bands will be there to show their stuff. The Songfacts staff will see as many as we can and let you know if any stand out. For more info, their website is: http://www.nemoboston.com/ Carl
  7. Carl

    Band Names

    Does it hurt a band if it has a stupid name? A lot of '90s bands with goofy names disappeared real fast (remember Deadeye Dick? Ugly Kid Joe?). For the love of Hoobastank, it seems like a quirky name could get you some attention, but also keep you from being taken seriously. If you were starting a band, what would you name it? Here are some unused names I think would work: King Lear's Jets Randy Stern Sharpton Protest
  8. The Songfacts Staff went to the Newport Folk Festival this weekend, and one band stood out. Nickel Creek had an early slot and played a great set. On our way out that night, we noticed a small crowd off to the side, so we wandered over to see what was going on. Nickel Creek had their instruments out and were playing for whoever wanted to listen. I thought it was nice of them to play a song before leaving for the night, but they kept playing. They played stuff they couldn't play because their set was too short at the festival. They played a Radiohead song. They played because there were people listening and they were having fun. After about 45 minutes, the Newport police came and broke it up. Newport is a resort town in Rhode Island and there's not much crime, so I think the whole force was there to make sure the kids from Nickel Creek and the 40 people in the audience didn't get out of hand. It was refreshing to hear a great band playing for the love of the game. Imagine staying at your job an extra hour without pay because you love it that much, and you'll get an idea of why you should check out Nickel Creek. Carl
  9. I can't think of any obvious influences on any of those 6 bands. I've noticed that singers like David Bowie tend to claim obscure influences, meaning they weren't the first to make that kind of noise, but the first to make it famous. If Kurt could speak he might list bands like Mudhoney as an influence, and Thom Yorke probably listened to some stuff most people have never heard of. Those 6 might be as original as you can get, although I might add Eminem to that list. Carl
  10. If the 4 Beatles were still alive, I think they would have gotten back for at least one reunion by now. I still remember that clip of Howard Cosell asking Lennon if The Beatles would ever reunite, and Lennon answering "You never know." It is clear now that they had great respect for each other and may have found a way to put aside their differences. As for reunions, I'm still amazed that groups insist on using original names even after losing key members. What do Robbie Kreiger and Ray Manzarek have to gain by touring and calling themselves The Doors? They may sell some more tickets, but they're losing lots more in lawsuits and damage to their legacy. Some cases are cut and dry - I don't think anyone is buying that Axl and friends is really Guns 'n' Roses - but others are tricky. Lynyrd Skynyd has only a few original members, but they get points for using the brother of their fallen lead singer as frontman. In my opinion, it is best to tour under a different name. Page and Plant are Page and Plant, not Led Zeppelin, and I respect them more for it. When a member gets martyred, the fans usually want the band to die as well. The remaining members of Blind Melon found this out when they tried to keep going without Shannon Hoon. Carl
  11. In an issue of <i>the journal of personality and social psychology</i>, they report links between what kind of music you like and what kind of person you are. Here are the results: Jazz - Reflective and Complex Country - Upbeat and Conventional Metal - Active and Rebellious R&B - Energetic and Rhythmic Celine Dion - Whiny and Annoying For a quick personality check, music and hobbies are the best indicators. Carl
  12. Listening to the radio (especially modern rock radio) can definitely make you lose your faith in new music. Think about how many bands simply faded away over the last few years. I agree that many of the best bands are not getting exposure, and that's a shame. Some of the new artists on my IPod include The Coral, Damien Rice, and Maroon 5. There are some good local bands in the Northeast US as well, but their live shows are usually much better than their CDs. ::
  13. I can't imagine these types of programs going away, because there's really nothing illegal about providing a means to share information. When all the legislation fails to destroy Kazaa, I wouldn't be surprised if the record companies start putting files up that damage computers when they are downloaded. This would result in some weird lawsuits, but I know at least one senator thinks it is a good idea. Hopefully, it won't come to this. Carl
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