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  1. owain2002

    99 Luftballons

    Thanks. The link was usefull, but they seem to have got the same thing! Carl, I was the person who sent in the German lyrics, because the lyrics that were on there were for a compleatly different song. 99 Luftballons and 99 Red balloons have compleatly different lyrics!
  2. owain2002

    99 Luftballons

    Hiya all! Just a quick question. I translated the penultimate verse of "99 Luftballons" the other day, and I got this: 99 war ministers, Matches and petrol cans, Thought that they were clever people, Already smelled greasy loot, Shouted: War, and wanted power, Man, who would have thought, That one day it would come to this, Because of 99 balloons. I don't think this is correct...can anyone help? Here's the original German lyrics: 99 Kriegsminister, Streichholz und Benzinkanister, Hielten sich fuer schlaue Leute, Witterten schon fette Beute, Riefen: Krieg und wollten Macht, Mann, wer haette das gedacht, Dass es einmal soweit kommt, Wegen 99 Luftballons.