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  1. With a vocal similarity to Smokey this cool vocalist is mostly remembered for his gem[Love Makes The World Go Round], but he had some other nice if little known gems also...[Love Takes A Long Time Growing..Ohh Baby..On A Sunny Day..When Your Love Is Gone..I Need A Love Like Yours]most of these are tucked away here which is good and bad because they should've been singles, oh well, anyhow this LP is a very nice addition to any collection of soul music.
  2. James Brown's version of Little Willie John's- Cottage For Sale is the better version.
  3. if this is a reply to my post here...ummm ok???? I guess??????
  4. I recently saw[the martian]and I enjoyed it although it had the typical Hollywood ending, it was still pretty good.
  5. come round here/save me-the miracles-1966...my baby/don't look back-the temptations-1965...do the choo choo/love's gonna rain on you-archie bell and the drells-1969...how could I let you get away/i'll be around-the spinners-1972.
  6. yes it's on again-reports of this story being made by the director of[Compton]with berry gordy's blessings....stay tuned.
  7. do you have one that stands out? for me it's the cool white on white cover of the classic[temptin temptations-1965].
  8. yes this song can have that effect,very powerful.
  9. the greatest song ever written about lost love was written and recorded by[smokey]and it's entitled[I can't find]from his 1984 album[essar]after you listen to this tale of woe,you'll know what I mean
  10. I never understood the popularity of the beatles,they can't sing and their songs are middlin at best.
  11. classic comedy...the three stooges-the marx brothers-Sanford and son-the dick van dyke show-laurel and hardy.
  12. the rumor mill has it that the diva herself[Diana ross]is in talks to appear on empire as cookie's mother.
  13. cool shows that you mentioned..how about a young Robert Conrad in[hawiian eye]?
  14. oh this one is special,a very cool collection dropped on us from those cool gentlemen of song-ray-goodman-brown...thrill-friends-special lady-slipped away-inside of you-the way it should be-deja vu,not a bad song anywhere just cool and mellow soul from three mellow men.
  15. ok cool,so i'll just keep popping in,look forward to rapping with lots of folks.
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