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  1. Yay Signe Thinking the video title led you around a bit--pretty sure the song is 'Sanctuary' by the band 'Silent Running', but I was thinking I'd never find this one Now if I could just find a copy of it on something other than vinyl, eh?
  2. Oops, only now am I reading the reviews on Morrison's bio, and didn't realize it had taken such a hit--I stand corrected, Lizard, and sorry about leading you around Lissy
  3. Start with 'No One Here Gets Out Alive' by Jerry Hopkins and Danny Sugarman (Warner Books), be sure to ignore the movie, and then pick up 'Jim Morrison, An Hour For Magic, a Photojournal' by Frank Lisciandro (Delilah Books) if at all humanly possible
  4. Gotta say Daltrey's voice didn't last anywhere near as long as Plant's--even though I probably would align my allegiance on the side of The Who, I agree with Plant that, however worthy Kenny Jones may have been, it was bad taste to replace Moon when they did, eh?
  5. I got 12 that may or may not make the top 10, but well worth the listen :-) Bad Co - Seagull Neil Young - Old Man Traffic - John Barleycorn Must Die Blind Faith - Can't Find My Way Home Elton John - Love Song Fleetwood Mac - Landslide Gordon Lightfoot - Minstrel of the Dawn Harry Chapin - Taxi Joni Mitchell - Woodstock Loggins and Messina - Danny's Song Lovin Spoonful - Rain on the Roof Love - Alone Again Or
  6. Well this is an oddball way of appending a post That 80s tune I'm after, again, I suspect is mid- to late-80s, possibly early 90s, but I doubt it Fleshing out the keywords I've come up with--'Sanctuary' is actually going to be 'I need sanctuary', and is the one part that is most likely going to be in the chorus 'Promised land' is actually 'Take me to the promised land' I don't have anything to add to 'Tinseltown' And I think 'Four-leaf clover' might be 'I found a four-leaf clover' Hope this helps some, and I sincerely hope this rings a bell somewhere Thx!
  7. Looking for a tune, and not knowing the artist or title kind of thing But here goes Through the course of the tune, I think the words that come up, in this order, are: 'Sanctuary', 'Promised land', 'Tinseltown', and 'Four leaf clover' Am also pretty sure this is a mid- to late-80s thing, and something you think Simple Minds or U2 might come up with Sound familiar to anyone?
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