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  1. Drinking water, lots and lots of water.
  2. Same here. Rainy weather makes me super sleepy :S
  3. Nope, the whole world hasn't been covered yet. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAWNA!! :guitar: :happybanana: :rock: Now, the whole world has wished u!
  4. I am quite happy with my weight and shape too ...and my hair...AND my toenails Oh lord I'm hungry again! This is SUCH an inconvenience at work
  5. Just got to work, 30 minutes late! It's raining like crazy and I am trying my best to stay awake.
  6. I have always loved MJ. I have never believed the child molesting accusations (call me crazy, but I don't) but I do believe that he was as troubled as he was talented. But it truly is a loss for the world.
  7. True that. I plan to test it out in London. After I complete my degree I will decide whether or not I want to stay back.
  8. Bono. Name the rockstar you've always wanted to kiss.
  9. 4th doesn't really mean much to me - therefore, New Year's Eve.
  10. Kevin, please stop trying to hide your age - it's just sad!
  11. MTV should seriously consider playing vids more often - it's called MUSIC television, for God's sake - Stop with the reality shows already!!
  12. That's what happens to most people somehow. Most o my friends went abroad for their undergrad and now they don't want to come back. There are good reasons to stay back though - the scope opportunities are much broader and the politics is slightly more civilized (if you can use such a terms for politics).
  13. Sounds about right I plan to 'escape' to London soon too...dunno how that will pan out though.
  14. I am not contemplating my own mortality - but MJ is too great to be dead!
  15. Quit being mean! I will continue to introduce me-self till people know EVERYTHING about me! MUHUHAHAHHAHA
  16. Hello ex-Delhi-ite, pleased to meet you. Where are you now? And Kevin, Bangladesh is no where near Springfield.
  17. In that case, I have 3/4 more years of experience regarding relationships compared to Kevin.
  18. LOL I was talking about my other boyfriend...the one i'm cheating on Farin with
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