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  1. I don't know how much "growing back" he's got in him.
  2. I completely agree. Found Out About You - Gin Blossoms. I once listening to this song (and only this song) for almost an entire week after having a huge argument with a women. It was nice to know I wasn't the only one who could hurt that bad. That's the definition of conviction if you ask me. All last summer, in case you don't recall, I was yours and you were mine; forget it all. Is there a line that I could write That's sad enough to make you cry? And all the lines you wrote to me were lies. Months roll past the love that you struck dead. Did you love me only in my head? The things you said and did to me Seemed to come so easily. The love I thought I won you give for free. Whispers at the bus stop. I heard about nights out in the school yard. I found out about you. Rumours follow everywhere you go, Like when you left and I was last to know. Well, you're famous now and that's no doubt. In all the places you hang out They know your name and they know what you're about. Whispers at the bus stop. I heard about nights out in the school yard. I found out about you. Street lights blink on through the car window. I get the time too often on A.M. radio. Well, you know it's all I think about. I write your name, drive past your house; Your boyfriend's over; I watch your light go out. Whispers at the bus stop. I heard about nights out in the school yard. I found out about you.
  3. OK so I'm new and this thread is already 14 pages long so forgive me if I'm reposting. Nine Inch nails - Hurt Johnny cash - Hurt This would never have been possible (in my opinion) if the cover hadn't had been done when Johnny Cash was so close to dying. The video is one of the best at capturing the truth behind what everyone was thinking.
  4. If 6 Was 9 - Jimi Hendrix If 6 Was 9 Steppenwolf - The Pusher The Pusher Hey I watched Easy Rider this morning. What can I say?
  5. Before The Beginning is an amazing song without any vocals and Unreachable is one of the best tracks I've heard in a long time.
  6. Yeah it's crazy cause I don't just listen to one song whenever I put it on. I have to listen to the whole thing every time.
  7. Yeah The Traveling Wilburys. I love their album.
  8. Now I'm gonna have that stuck in my head all day. Chili Peppers - Suck My Kiss Suck My Kiss
  9. I'm excited to see what they will do without the pressure of a major label breathing down their neck.
  10. I just don't understand why these promoters and venues don't get it. The more you keep trying to charge the more people are going to stop attending. It's a stupid cycle. My parents have told me storys on how they would go to shows at least once a week. Back then bands and promoters weren't trying to gouge you with pricines. Has anyone been to a Rolling Stones (or a group like them) concert lately? It's more like an outside mall with all of the tshirts and books and other things they try to shove down your throught. Whatever happen to it just being about the music? If it were me I would try charging less for tickets and things like beer. I mean give people a chance to prove that it's not that we don't want to spend our free time at concerts, it's that we just can't afford them.
  11. I'm sorry to say that I've seen the photos and wouldn't even hold on to them if you gave 'em to me for free. She had more underarm hair than I do.
  12. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? I will be the first to want to punish any man (even if I had to do it by myslef) who puts his hands on a women but he hasn't even gone to trial yet. They haven't even charged him with assault or anything close to that nature. And from what I read of the story it says he was charged with making criminal threats? Who here hasn't been in a fight with their significant other and said a few things they regreted later?
  13. I always said I was on the side that real rockers should never sell out, but now that I'm getting older and have a family, I think I might be changing my position. Especially the way things are going now a days when these groups can't even sell records because of all the illegal downloading. Most of their money has to come from a source other than record sales. That pretty much leaves endorsments and self promoted products (which some would also consider "selling out"), and touring. At some point you gotta sit back and realize that maybe these guys need a break.
  14. I'm listening to "If 6 Was 9" by Jimi Hendrix. It is one of my favorite songs for the first minute and a half but then it takes that really wierd turn so I just keep starting it over.
  15. Thanks for the heads up. That's the first place I'll be going after work.
  16. That's why I like this forum already. There are so many threads I'll be here all day.
  17. Thanks a lot. Can't beleive it's taken me this long.
  18. Thanks. I love music and finally have somewhere that I can talk to people who feel the same way so I'm sure I'll be here for a long time.
  19. Go by Greendaddy. Been using the site for years to find out what some of my fav songs really meant. This place has proved me right and saved my butt more than I can count.
  20. Thanks. Been coming to the web site for years but never cruised the forums till today. I brought my own lunch homey.
  21. The Empyrean solo album by John Frusciante. It's got a crazy psychedelic sound to it. Nothing like the Chili Peppers music at all.
  22. This is my first post so I don't want to overstep my boundries, but when I think of "best overall" artist I think of someone who has made a huge impact with their music. That being the case I'd have to say John Frusciante. In the past decade he has had group releases (from the Chili Peppers) like Californication (I know it was 1999 but that's close enough), By The Way, and Stadium Arcadium and solo releases like To Record Only Water for Ten Days, Shadows Collide with People, and his newest The Empyrean. These don't even include his collaborations with The Mars Volta.
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