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  1. Regulaters, mount up!!! RIP Nate
  2. In addition to an upcoming documentary and a new studio album of all original material on the way, it seems like the Foo Fighters have something else in store: a full-length vinyl of cover songs. The record, which is to be called Medium Rare, will feature the Foo Fighter’s renditions of songs from groups like Cream, Pink Floyd, and the Ramones. The album will be released on April 16th as a limited-edition vinyl for Record Store Day, an event that celebrates independent record stores. The tracks for the upcoming release will be as follows: 01. Band On The Run (Paul McCartney &
  3. There's a way to use proxy servers, but that's not entirely legal..
  4. Thanks Carl, I appreciate that At the moment (1 pm GMT) it's going faster then usual. Maybe I should stop browsing songfacts when the US returns from work..
  5. While heavy metal music might be renowned for its air of theatricality, Lars Ulrich has taken that quality a step further, signing up for an acting role in a new Nicole Kidman pic. NYMag.com is reporting that the Metallica drummer has been cast in HBO’s upcoming feature Hemingway and Gellhorn, which alongside Ulrich and Kidman, will also star Clive Owen. The TV movie chronicles the marriage between Ernest Hemmingway and war correspondent Martha Gellhorn. Ulrich will play the role of Dutch documentarian Joris Ivens.
  6. Chrome is the fastest by far. But chrome can't open pdf's in linux so I'm forced to use firefox.
  7. On the positive side: Millions saved in Japan because of excellent engineering and government building codes.
  8. 1- Sticky Fingers 2- Sticky Fingers 3- Sticky Fingers 4- Sticky Fingers 5- Sticky Fingers 6- Sticky Fingers 7- Sticky Fingers 8- Sticky Fingers 9- Sticky Fingers 10-Sticky Fingers
  9. still slow here all other sites are working fine. could it be firefox?
  10. yeah.. I don't think I'll be able to listen and rate the complete Stones discography in time to vote for this. I'm really not that familiar with this band :s
  11. Queens of the Stone Age here in May. Me and my friends spend 2 hour calling and hitting the refresh button on the web page: no tickets Isn't there any kind of computer program that gets you on overloaded ticket sites? don't care if illegal
  12. "The success of Dark Side of the Moon brought previously unknown wealth to all four members of the band; Richard Wright and Roger Waters bought large country houses, and Nick Mason became a collector of upmarket cars.[99] Some of the profits were invested in the production of Monty Python and the Holy Grail." - wiki
  13. Belgium reaches world record in governement formation Off course, we had to celebrate this. Because we are students and we use every reason for a party: As you can see from the blurriness of the photo I took, it was a good one
  14. I saw PJ Harvey friday night. She mainly played songs from her new album: Let England Shake, which is a collection of decent song regarding England, worth a listen! A few tracks from 'White Chalk' and some classics like 'Down by the water' and 'C'mon Billy' were also played. In all quite a good and variable show. However PJ didn't say a single word in between the songs. You could only hear her voice while she was singing. Just when I started worrying if she had lost her voice and was play-backing, she said 'Thank you so much' and left the stage, for the show was over. Now I assume this wa
  15. That's a lot of Radiohead posts recently from an anti-Radiohead person
  16. First listen impressions: They have gone too far from their earlier style. Loads of Thom's singing. I'd like to hear more band. Some songs even feel a bit boring. In Rainbows was good, even great. The eraser had some good songs, but King of Limbs is a bit too trip-hop (is that what it's called?) for me. Maybe it gets better in time. I haven't looked into the lyrics yet.
  17. However, a great selection of music Rocky! My new albums: King of Limbs - Radiohead Sadly, after a first listen, I'm not impressed Hardcore will never die, but you will - Mogwai
  18. How to write a hit, by Dave Grohl
  19. Thank you everybody, for the wishes and the gifts! The waffles look great, I'm downloading them now!
  20. http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi695638553 I think The Black Keys video for "Howlin' for you" is mocking Hollywood action movies
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