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  1. dEUS is a very know and active rockband from Belgium. They have some good songs as: Suds & Soda 7 days, 7 weeks for the roses bad timing (live vid, couldn't find another) they make songs that have great potential i think but they arn't that known outside my country
  2. Happy birthday Sue I do not know (but would like to) have a nice day
  3. I was seriously doubting between stadium arcadium and by the way, to me their both awesome albums. as you say, none can argue john being the real musical artist behind the band, he's really extraordanary, in both albums for sure by the way has some very good basslines (by the way, don't forget me, throw away your television) and I happen to be a great bass lover I think flea *shines* just a little bit more in by the way then in stadium arcadium. regarding the lyrics, by the way has better lyrics then stadium arcadium, that's just my opinion, and it's probably therefore I like that alb
  4. if I find the picture thread i'll post a picture i'm really starting to like it here
  5. is By the way nominated? I'd like to nominate By the way - Red Hot Chili Peppers 1. "By The Way" - 3:37 2. "Universally Speaking" - 4:19 3. "This Is The Place" - 4:17 4. "Dosed" - 5:12 5. "Don't Forget Me" - 4:37 6. "The Zephyr Song" - 3:52 7. "Can't Stop" - 4:29 8. "I Could Die For You" - 3:13 9. "Midnight" - 4:55 10. "Throw Away Your Television" - 3:44 11. "Cabron" - 3:38 12. "Tear" - 5:17 13. "On Mercury" - 3:28 14. "Minor Thing" - 3:37 15. "Warm Tape" - 4:16 16. "Venice Queen" - 6:08 It has all kinds of styles in it, lot
  6. it contradictoric somehow, but still quite clear I do think some of the verses will rhyme but wont actually fit in the rhyme scheme, like: "I can’t hold up for much longer Been trying hard but it just gets stronger" something doesn't feel right about it but the onces above are really good: "She stares at pictures in a frame Asking herself if she’s to blame For all the things that have went wrong For all the reasons she wrote this song" I really like that part that's just my opinion from reading the text only twice, this tekst could turn out totally different when there's mu
  7. Narcotic from Liquido one of the songs that mean alot to me, sadly they never play it on the radio (though it's a commonly known song)
  8. hmm it's a very closed text, is it about daydreaming to escape the routine?
  9. I like it Lizard the only cultural thing all races and ages have in common is music, everyone makes music so that would indeed be the thing we need to send to a passing individual in the cosmos (that's the way I understand it)
  10. I read this on SF regarding comfortably numb -pink floyd: When they played this on The Wall tour, a 35 foot wall was erected between the band and the audience as part of the show. As the wall went up, Gilmour was raised above it on a hydraulic lift to perform the guitar solo. It was his favorite part of the show. so I was wordering/hoping if there would be a video of that somewhere? tnx
  11. my professor took that quote, referring to mathematics. Which is extremely funny as he's a mid-aged man totally not familiar with music at all
  12. Hi guys, girls,.. I bounced on this site today, it's so cool registered right away, I wanna be part of this community when I listen to a song it's always nice to know some more information and facts about it. I'm 18 years old and I'm going to start making music myself (bit late but still not too late). I've got a guitar so we'll see where that turns out I'm also considering songwriting, although i'm not sure whether i'm capable of it (english ain't my main language, i'm from belgium) so that was some short introduction just a few questions: all these forums, and people, does it ta
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