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  1. For some reason Cliff Richard doesn't like "Across The Universe" ..and couldn't believe that NASA sent it to Polaris on the Pony Express.
  2. Its funny how songs will send you reeling back in time...I remember how hot the summer of '77 was here in Canada..all I have to do is hear the instrumental at the beginning of that track and I'm sent hurtling back to another time..another place! Telephone Line was the track by the way!
  3. We just completed this weeks show ..its Claude François the French superstar who wrote the original My Way called "Comme d'Habitude"..he also had pop hits in the 60s such as Belles Belles Belles whiich is Girls Girls Girl by eddie Hodges in America. Interesting guy..sadly he was electricuted in his bathroom. Hope you can join us this week www.grapevineinternational.net I'm saying hi to everyone right now.
  4. OK who would you rather sit and watch for 2 minutes..Regis or Ringo Starr performing Liverpool 8..I actually like it..kind of a geriatric When we Was Fab. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5y956PV8no
  5. We did a 4 in a row profile on Johnny O'Keefe (Australia's King Of Rock & Roll) last week on our International Jukebox portion of the show..I'm giving shout outs to all of you on this weeks show.
  6. We will dig up some Slim Whitman this week ..even though he's not dead ..imagine how that must make you feel..Slim Whitman "still alive" ..didn't Saturday Night Live do a sketch on Perry Como in the same vein...don't know..my 70s and 80s memories are a distant memory.
  7. All of you should know I am promoting Songfacts on both of my shows twice an hour..I'm using the website directly when I'm on air..gave a shout out to some folks from here and played Cold Chisel as our International track this week.
  8. How about a track by the Fixx ..Stand Or Fall ..cool tune ..great "haunting" opening
  9. No problem everyone..next weeks Grapevine Show will be full of ideas requests and dedications from songfacts..thanks for your support we can have fun with this.
  10. That song was played to death in Britain and was a monster hit in the UK ...it is played in North America but strictly by Classic Rock stations. A couple of other nominations from Canada ..Runnin' Back To Saskatoon by the Guess Who (great tune) and Gowan's Strange Animal.
  11. My first vote in this category is Virginia by Bill Amesbury ..should have been a Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 ..big Canadian hit however.
  12. This coming weekends song is Crocodile Rock by Elton John..pick any kind of obscure 45 from either Billboard the UK or other areas of the world. As long as the song was charted somewhere in the world and as long as Songfacts has the story away we go.I'll make sure to say hello to everyone in the weeks to come. I Love keeping the songs seasonal as well..so any January Songs are most welcome! I hope you enjoy the show..if you want to know whats going on in the world of Oldies Artists you'll hear about it on our show!
  13. Told you it was new ..gave you the wrong url sorry gang http://www.grapevineinternational.net
  14. Thanks for the wonderful response ..I don't want to feel like I'm spamming but here is our Grapevine Show url http://www.grapevineshow.net Just click on the show to hear it on demand.The show is heard across the world on the internet and on several radio stations in Canada the USA and Britain.We are also featured on the Magic FM Network in New Zealand. Looks like I'm gonna get hooked on this board.
  15. Hi everyone..I may be new on the messageboard but I'm not new to this site..I have been using Songfacts for many a day. Each week we have a songfacts highlighted song from this week in history.I'll leave it up to the posters here each week to decide which track we play. The show is brand new and is a weekly magazine show on the Oldies Generation..50s-80s basically. We look forward to your feedback..Songfacts will become a big part of our show in the weeks to come! B-)
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