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  1. I just gave an iPad to Ma' for her birthday! She knows how to use these things more than I do!
  2. Um, I wouldn't want to work a job that didn't require me to use some of my brain, nor would I like to work with anyone who doesn't use theirs. It'd be a f*****g nightmare. I can do simple math in my head and if I'm given simple directions or look at a map, then I know where I'm going
  3. Automobiles are specifically designed for transportation, but some people don't use them specifically for that: street racing, drunk driving. Therefore, ban cars and booze. For you, guns "are specifically designed to kill." For others, they're used for sport, for hunting, for collecting, and for other reasons - none of our business, really, as long as they're abiding by the law(s)
  4. I paraphrased the saying. I think the gist of it is still there. Anyway, are automobiles and booze "essential liberties"? What IS an essential liberty? More people die in logging accidents than in mass shootings. We should ban logging. Is logging an essential liberty? Come on
  5. To my favourite music corner in the interwebs: Merry Christmas
  6. Have you been living under a rock? Norway had one of the worst mass shootings in the world. All the gun laws in the world didn't prevent that one from happening hahahah More people die from automobile accidents than they do with mass shootings? Solution: ban cars. Hell, more people die from combining booze and driving? Solution: ban booze! Yeah, let's see what else we need to be protected from. I'd go insofar as to use the same quote from Ben Franklin... You deserve neither freedom nor protection if you're for the state/govt. passing more and more laws to "protect" you
  7. While I am in favour of deporting all illegal aliens, what you just alluded to would have zero impact because these mass shootings at schools were done by legal citizens who legally obtained high-powered weapons
  8. When I think about the phrase "violent culture," I don't think about video games, books, music, and movies. I think about the real life society that made it possible for military invasions and occupations of other countries - at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives - possible. 26 foreign kids being blown up in a Cambodian, Vietnamese, Serbian, Iraqi, Afghan, (etc., etc.) village? Perfectly normal. We've been taught from a very early time that's just military business. This is how we get away with mass-murdering all kinds of people all the time. In other words, [real] human life is trivialised all the time here in the U.S.
  9. It is very possible for me to wrap my mind around this sort of thing... because this sort of thing has been happening for decades in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New Orleans. It's just that when it's blacks and latinos getting killed, nobody gives a damn.
  10. So, you suggest we should criminalise attending kindergarten rather than criminalise accessibility of weapons to the mentally ill?
  11. She looked familiar. It was funny, but I kept thinking, "I have seen this person before..." Hahahah
  12. Some shmuck totally scratched the back bumber of my vehicle
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