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  1. They could be listening to a rock band that's about 20 years old, with a great bassist, guitarist, drummer, singer... or they could listen to rap, carried by rythm, a machine that makes beats, and a really annoying guy that only says "Yeeaaahhghh!" or "Oooccckkkkaay!"
  2. The singular form of James is Jame.
  3. Brought to You Courtesy of the Red White and Blue-Toby Keith
  4. I expected this to be like those commercials... like Ozzy Osbourne would be Fi(RED)
  5. How many are 13? I don't know, just a guess.
  6. In Florida there's another hurricane. I mean, came.
  7. There we saw Willy and the Poorboys perform, then we decided to go as far south as possible and remind each other than What Happens Down in Mexico Stays in Mexico. We decided to have Two Pina Coladas, before moving on to the Mendocino Countyline and I asked this one girl "Would You Go With Me?" (Willy and the Poorboys is Creedence Clearwater, WHDOIMSIM is Toby Keith, Two Pina Coladas is Garth Brooks, and Mendocino Countyline is a song I heard once on the radio and I don't remember who sang it, and Would You Go With Me is Josh Turner)
  8. So I was talking to this dame...
  9. Time to change the name of the game!
  10. Then we got Welcomed to Paradise (Green Day) when we noticed we accidentily took a turn to Brokenheartsville (Joe Nichol) where we decided to stay at The Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis). Then we left on our way, and stopped at Hotel California (The Eagles) along the way.
  11. T h u _ d e r R o _ _ s by G a r t h B r o o k s second word hint: A ball does it.
  12. T h u _ d e r R o _ _ s by G a r t h B r o o _ s
  13. T h u _ _ e r R o _ _ s by G a r t h B r o o _ s
  14. T h u _ _ e r R o _ _ _ by G a r t h B r o o _ _ And, no, not thunder roads, but what does thunder do?
  15. T h u _ _ e r R _ _ _ _ by G a r t h _ r _ _ _ _
  16. T _ _ _ _ e _ _ _ _ _ _ by G a _ t _ _ _ _ _ _ _
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