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  1. In 1987 I was still something my Dad was hoping would never happen.
  2. Absolution should be somewhere on the list.
  3. I didn't really like the movie as much as the book. And everytime I saw that little Dil kid, I wanted to punch him in the face. Sorry, I'm a horrible person.
  4. 1. "Not to Touch the Earth"- The Doors 2. "Dazed and Confused"- Led Zeppelin 3. "Spanish Castle Magic"- Jimi Hendrix 4. "Sweet Child O' Mine"- Guns N' Roses 5. "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer"- George Thorogood 6. "Winter Time"- Steve Miller Band 7. "Teach Your Children"- CSNY 8. "Just Like A Woman"- Bob Dylan 9. "Last Train to Clarksville"- The Monkees 10. "Mr. Bojangles"- Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  5. Actually I read the book first, and I like it better, but the movie is still one of Nicholson's best performances.
  6. Well, here's a long list... What can I say, I love movies. Aladdin Batman Batman Returns Batman Begins Blazing Saddles Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Depp version) Close Encounters of the Third Kind Death to Smoochy Finding Nemo The Green Mile Hotel Rwanda Indiana Jones trilogy The Jerk Lord of the Rings trilogy The Matrix Monty Python and the Holy Grail National Lampoon's Animal House The Nightmare Before Christmas O Brother Where Are Thou? Office Space One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Pirates of the Carribean Psycho Rear Window Saving Private Ryan A Shot in the Dark Sin City The Sixth Sense Spiderman Spiderman 2 Star Trek 1-4 (especially 4: The Voyage Home) Star Wars original trilogy Vertigo Young Frankenstein
  7. But what about the reality shows? Don't tell me there weren't reality shows! How could you have survived without watching b-level celebrities and attention starved college dropouts scream at each other?
  8. Wait wait wait wait waaaiiiiit. There was a time when MTV played music videos?
  9. When I was first getting into rock and roll, there were plenty of times when I would hear a song for the first time, and it was so great I would immediately stop what I was doing and just listen. Has this happened to anyone else? What songs did this for you? Here's some examples for me: "Stairway to Heaven"- Led Zeppelin "Wish You Were Here"- Pink Floyd "Blowin' in the Wind"- Bob Dylan "Sympathy for the Devil"- The Rolling Stones Sometimes I wish I could go back to that period of discovery, because even though I still love these songs, I've heard them so many times now, they don't make me stop and listen like they did.
  10. A single radio station helped shape my passion for rock and roll. KZOK, a classic rock station based in Seattle. I didn't really have any sort of musical tastes before 7th grade, except for the stuff I played on my fiddle. Most of my friends were into rock, but modern rock, and when they tried to get me into it, I didn't like most of it. I still thought there had to be some rock I would like, so I surfed through the radio stations, and stumbled across 102.5 KZOK. They were playing "Black Dog". From then on, I was hooked. I had KZOK pumping from my stereo day and night, learning different songs, deciding what I liked and didn't like, and learning useless trivia from the DJ's. I then set out to buy album after album to expand my musical knowledge. I still love the station, and luckily can get it through the internet. It streams on www.kzok.com Most of the modern bands I like I found through my friend Pat. He likes a lot of indie stuff, most of which I don't like, but occasionally he'll introduce me to something good. I've liked country and celtic all my life. Apparently when I was a baby I was taken to a Charlie Daniels concert, and an Altan concert. I was being influenced before I could even talk. I've just started getting into old school rap. Not sure how it happened.
  11. It was that hot in Vegas when I was there earlier this summer. Absolutely miserable.
  12. Seattle is great. I lived in the Tacoma area before I moved this summer.
  13. Sounds like They Might Be Giants old "Dial-A-Song" technology, except I think that was free.
  14. Basically the Pacific Northwest is still one of the best music scenes in America. Sure, there's still a lot of crap to sift through, but it's a lot better than, say, California.
  15. "Bron-Yr-Aur" is a beautiful acoustic Jimmy Page solo off of Physical Graffiti.
  16. "Not to Touch the Earth"- The Doors "Spanish Castle Magic"- Jimi Hendrix
  17. Of course I'm not too young for this conversation! In fact, I might try to get someone to rent this movie for me... for the music of course.
  18. Jamie's Crying can come after Eruption...
  19. Maybe after "Rise" he can play "Eruption"!
  20. Any song where Clarence Clemons, the enormoussax player for the E Street Band, gets to do his thing is freaking sweet. Example: "Jungleland".
  21. And where's Monty Python and the Holy Grail? And Blazing Saddles? And Young Frankenstein? These film experts are in desperate need of a sense of humor before they die.
  22. 1. Over the Hills and Far Away- Led Zeppelin 2. Children of the Grave- Black Sabbath 3. Walk of Life- Dire Straits 4. Knights of Cydonia- Muse 5. A Well Respected Man- The Kinks 6. I Want You (She's So Heavy)- The Beatles 7. Seven Bridges Road- The Eagles 8. Swingtown- Steve Miller Band 9. Heart Full of Soul- The Yardbirds 10. Uncle John's Band- The Grateful Dead Apologies to Deep Purple, Eric Clapton, The Dixie Chicks, The Monkees, Jackson Browne, Paul Mccartney, The Faces, etc.
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