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  1. Season 5 was split into two 8 episode parts. What's airing right now is part 2.
  2. Definitely one of my favorite shows of all time. Obviously I don't want to spoil anything for anybody who isn't caught up yet, it's best to be surprised by all the twists and turns.
  3. 1. Get Lucky - Daft Punk f/Pharrell (2013) 2. Without Me - Eminem (2002) 3. Help Is On The Way - Rise Against (2011) 4. There Will Come A Time - Noah and the Whale (2013) 5. 9 to 5 - Dolly Parton (1980) 6. Gotta Keep Movin' - MC5 - (1971) 7. Blue Moon - The Marcels (1961) 8. Life's One Act Play - Savoy Brown (1969) 9. InThe Land Of Grey And Pink - Caravan (1971) 10. Teenage Depression - Eddie And The Hot Rods - (1976)
  4. Neko Case's new album is exactly as amazing as you would expect Neko Case's new album to be.
  5. 1. The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson 2. Wynona's Big Brown Beaver - Primus 3. Great White Buffalo - Ted Nugent 4. Shadow Soldiers - Accept 5. Oh Ruby - Dirty Looks 6. Looks That Kill - Mötley Crüe 7. Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast - Airbourne 8. Get It On - Kingdom Come 9. Edge Of Thorns - Savatage 10. Say What You Will - Fastway
  6. Help Is On The Way - Rise Against (2011) There Will Come A Time - Noah and the Whale (2013) Without Me - Eminem (2002)
  7. As you should! It's a mark of the overall quality of this list that they didn't even make my top ten.
  8. I was beyond talking about the Miley thing. This is more about the kind of nasty generalizations made by a certain subset of males (and, sadly, even some females) in this world.
  9. I thought you wanted to have a legitimate discussion free of condescension.
  10. It was a joke. But if you want an open discussion about what I really think about what you said, here goes. I think it's one small step from "how can you expect guys not to think about sex when you dance like that" to "she was asking for it". I think you should consider the consequences of your slut-shaming. I think that if you consider a beautiful, self-empowered woman like Beyonce to be slutty, then you clearly have an even lower opinion of the average young woman. I think that young women have enough self-esteem issues to deal with without having to hear older men like you grumble about the good old days before girls were whores.
  11. 1. Know Your Enemy - Rage Against The Machine (1992) 2. It's A Hit - Rilo Kiley (2004) 3. Only Women Bleed - Alice Cooper (1975) 4. Here Comes My Baby - Cat Stevens (1967) 5. Your Decision - Alice in Chains (2009) 6. Doo Wop (That Thing) - Lauryn Hill (1998) 7. Passenger Side - Wilco (1995) 8. Steppin' Out - Paul Revere and the Raiders (1967) 9. Ooby Dooby - Creedence Clearwater Revival (1970) 10. Changes - Yes (1983)
  12. I had no idea! I should have gotten the Aimee Mann thing, I've definitely seen that episode.
  13. That album just isn't hooking me the way it seems to be hooking everybody else. It's definitely got pretty moments, but it doesn't stick with me the way Sigur Ros does. However, I did finally get around to listening to Pond's Hobo Rocket, and that album rules.
  14. I was not watching it because Breaking Bad.
  15. Either the bubble she has lived in since she was a kid has left her entirely delusional about what constitutes "sexiness" or she is a genius who was did all this ironically. Doesn't really matter either way, because here we are talking about it. The only reason people watch the VMAs is because almost every year there's one moment that has the potential to destroy somebody's career. When it doesn't happen, we complain that the show was boring. A bit perverse, really.
  16. Then you're going to hate the show by the time you get caught up to season 5.
  17. Because it's been buzzing so much I just made myself watch it. That was some of the most magnificent career self-destruction on Miley's part that I have ever seen. Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke were already both charisma-vacuums who have somehow managed to build on their fathers' mild celebrity, but I have never seen so much self-delusion during a performance. The saddest part was Kendrick Lamar's involvement, since he's actually pretty fantastic.
  18. This sixteen seconds of Eminem's new album is more exciting than any other non-Kanye hip-hop I've heard all year. Very, very Beastie Boys.
  19. Only Women Bleed - Alice Cooper (1975) Know Your Enemy - Rage Against The Machine (1992) It's A Hit - Rilo Kiley (2004)
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