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  1. Kings of Leon's single , "The Bucket" sounds simliar to U2's, "I Will Follow" song off their debut album Boy released in 1980. I believe they ripped off U2 in the regard. If you want good modern rock, listen to Acceptance their most recent Album Phantomsis surprisingly good for a modern rock and roll outfit.
  2. Kasmir-Led Zepplin Album: Physicla Graffiti (Disc One) Year: 1975 Kashmir, wedged between Northen India and Northeastern Pakistan, is region of unending hostility. Also, this is where the fabric, kashmir, is hand woven.
  3. Canary in a Coalmine-The Police Album: Zenyatta Modatta Year: 1980 This catchy folk song written by Sting. Miners would send canaries into the unknown perils of coalmines to ascertain whethe or not the conditons were adequate for miners to work there. If the canary did not return from the mine, the mine was deemed dangerous and work would be postponed to a later date when the mine was thoroughly cleansed
  4. Avalon Hideaway-ZZ Top Album: Tejas (Texas) Year: 1976 In Arthurian Legend, Avalon is the place where King Arthur went after his death. Its suppose to be somewhere in the Western Hemisphere. Avalon usually refers to a paradise or somewhere heavenly, such as the Elysian Fields in Greece.
  5. Rhinoceros-The Smashing Pumpkins Album: Gish Year: 1991 It's their debut album; it's a dry run at Siamese Dream.
  6. Message in a Bottle-The Police Album: Regatta de Blanc Year: 1979 A Stellar Album.
  7. Paper bag What a Drag Never Full for Kelly and I As tourists toss an empathetic sigh She vacantly gazes into the western sun As I ask myself what can be done An ailing Kelly And an unfed belly Engeneders the tale of my failing Milky twilight splashes us Kelly, chokes, “Troy, will I bite the dust?’ No, Kelly you’re doing well As I request God to spare her hell “What’s the price for happiness any how?†Two more shillings than we’re making now This money constantly evades me There must be something to save me And Kelly God Damn it!†From this curable ailment But You Strike me down Back down Upon this dusty lane With two dead ends Without an opportunity to make amends Strewn with empty beer bottles And emaciated Youth Please God, Tell me the Truth Will Kelly Die? And reside along the poor roadside For the rest of me years to lament Kelly’s youth with guilty tears Of potential careers, memorable cheers We shared together An amber robe of morning mist unfurled across the sky I gave Kelly a kiss and bid her farewell and tossed a sigh
  8. The Velvet Underground is amzing. I recently puchased "Loaded" (Fully Loaded Edition) and its stellar. I also have The Velvet Underground and Nico." Overall, that album is more consistent than "Loaded," however, "Sweet Jane," "Rock and Roll, " and "Cool it Down" are superb tracks. VU ROCKS.
  9. I would listen to Bo Diddley if I lost a bet.
  10. My Choice is QUEEN. I would like to hear what others would choose as their favorite of three suggested above (The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Beatles, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Genesis, Supertramp, Uriah Heep, David Bowiue, Traffic, Electric Light Orchestra, Mott the Hoople, Bad Company, King Crimson, Rainbow, The Police, The Clash, and Elvis Costello are not included in here). Please don't say, " why isnt ELO in here?" because I am aware of that and I want to takea survey o these three bands only. Greatly Appreciated.
  11. Emily your alacrity is a spirit is too prfound for me let me go let me loose from this tightening noose Celebrity, Gossip, Emo is the path you show day in day out without a whim without a pout next thing ebullient what'on what's new did anyone watch the news A blemished story a stained image of friends in the village your're alphabet is alien to me CNN CBS NBC these letters are misery Lib or let die is the sloagan that i cry
  12. Were Going into the Sun The sun painted the asphalt The sun splashed the water The sun encompassed the bluff Le soleil a chaud C'est partout Où l'endroit cachant est ? It dips down behind the mountain It rises confidently like a fountain Sein Kommen Die Schatten The elusive Dark is an unending mark Of tranquility and thought The Light is bright But never out of sight Till the stark is regrettably broken Ele me queimará It will burn me
  13. Vagabond Virgin Are you ready to fly ? Are you ready to leave me? Are you ready to cry? Vagabond Virgin please depart Before destroy my already broken heart Where will you go? What will you see? A reflection of me in South China Seas or the ripple that clouds the image Be Good Be well I hope your travels spare you hell And elevate you to that better apartment of life That I vie to visit throughout my years of strife I writhe in despondence And they offer no lament And you are back on the high bridge And I am in the tunnel The tunnel is good for I will get to the other side The bridge is sturdy, but you are not Don?t fall of the edge
  14. Point Taken jr. I am not a conceded person and I am not hypocritical writer. I should not have compared myself to the venerated Jim Morrison. Moreover, If I have to evince my message after writing a poem I must be a a poor writer. Its time for me to change directions too a more accesible poetry/songwriting. Aprreciate your thoughts.
  15. Cult Following Will follow music without a Melody And a face without a voice An eternal pill of ecstasy For a distraught People Engenders despairing frews Shuffling, conversing amongst themselves Searching for a tastier stew That brings something to delve Follow You Follow Me Is the slogan of our plea To enter with uncertainty And exit the pack with glee The music sounds better than before The songs were twice as long And they meant something more Contemplated the Message Withdrawn from the throng To act so Wilde Is to mute the song
  16. This is a the inception of a longer piece of writing, however on the advice of jr. I expunged the remainder of the piece. Hopefully, it will receive more accoloades than the initial one. I search for pleasure And bury treasure I vie for the everlasting happiness And dig a deep hole I carefully place this hefty chest in this gaping fall And lower it slowly and protect its soul I shove dirt upon this fallow ground Until it reaches the brim Walk away
  17. Okay. Of course I will think my writing is good. I'm the writer for goodness sake. Apparently, I do dismal job conveying my message if I have to evince the message after people read the poem. For example, in Romeo and Juliet Mercutio ( Mer prefix for stranage, unusual "mercurial")sheds light on the fact he may be gay. There is a tacit understanding throughout the play that he may be a homosexual as evident by the Tybalt, "Thy consort with the Romeo." I have to go back to the writing board again I guess. Any alternative suggestions besides the one mentioned above? I am more of a poet than songwriter. Im closer to a Jim Morrison than to a Robert Plant.
  18. Its Deep. You have to rread it for more than what it is. and identify some societal idiosyncrasies and word usages.
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    I think it was good
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