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  1. Oh, oh, I know them. My friend's obsessed with them. I listened to them, but I don't remember anything about it.
  2. Dude, you ruined our conversation. man that's so low
  3. Well first you hear a guy ask about the i-pod battery, cause his ran out of batteries, then you here a costumer support guy tell him he might as well get a new $250 ipod cause the batteries arent available, and he went around spray painting all the ipod ads that "ipod's irreplacable batteries only last 18 months"
  4. Ok... a lot of these sound real, but some don't even make sense. like the shiek remembered we had the mumps. pff. the chances of something backwards sounding SLIGHTLY like a different thing is probably pretty high If the singers sound like they are trying to add a message by mispronouncing things or adding syllables its a lot more likely.
  5. People like emotion, and sad songs make u emotional-er than happy ones. That's my guess
  6. WOW! thanks a lot man. i almost empied my freakin wallet for one
  7. Fine if you dont like the song, don't bother responding if you don't want to. Happy? :beady:
  8. LOL I just started my freshman year last week... but im going to Duchesne High. I can practically see High from my house
  9. They're not all that popular, but are there any good songs by them besides A is for Action? (if you don't know or like the song don't respond) I might get their CD if it has good songs (and if i can find it)
  10. Im not a big fan of the blues, but I noticed your from St. Louis (so am I) you forgot to mention our hockey team is called the blues. Oh well im just a stupid 15 year old
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