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  1. hahha, thats why a lot of ppl i guess, spell Relient K like Reliant K then eh? i think you are jealous that i'd marry them and not you. lol.
  2. HEY HEY HEY! i would marry any one of the band members
  3. lol. i don't know exactly what their name means but it use to be a Alt. Christan rock band now its more of just an alt. one. i love em ::
  4. Good Charlotte, Simple Plan and Relient K going on tour! yay! i love all those bands and one is most FAVORITE band of all time: Relient K. i am excited, i think i am gonna be able to go to this concert!
  5. i watched it i watched it!i watched it i watched it! good episode, poor Locke. POLLS: Clare's Baby: Girl or Boy? Boone: will he die or live?
  6. hahha, i just watched that movie today, great movie. the woman that was from the cast and warned truman then was thrown out i think looks a lot like Celine Dion
  7. i really like the band Linkin Park and i really like Tim McGraw and i am not a big fan of rap, but i do like the song that McGraw and Nelly do together. though i was totally surprised they got together and did the song. MUSICANS UNITE!
  8. i have always wondered...is my life like the Truman Show? IS IT?!
  9. i liked the ending to the Ring...i want to know what the sequel will do...most sequels are sucky, hope this one turns out good, Pirates of the Caribbean too
  10. ...yeah...i can honestly say i have no idea what you'd be talking about
  11. [nods] that couldnt possibly probably most likely be correct...i could be mistaken but it could be a very old old ship..ok so i cant remember all of the quote from Anchorman ::
  12. there is a twodisk one? :: crapola i only got the one disk one. who knows, as far as i know there is only that one, who knows.
  13. the worst ended movies. i would have to say... Lord of The Rings, i love the trilogy but i didnt like how it ended with Frodo leaving...i dont frodo...nope not at all
  14. Cruel Intentions, the original, great movie, great ending, i love it.
  15. i really havent been able to listen to much to it but so far, i like it! ::
  16. i just bought the phantom of the opera soundtrack! yay!
  17. "Boo, you whore" -Mean Girls "I'm sorry people are so jealous of me but I can't help it that I'm so popular" -Mean Girls "I like to smile, smiling is my favorite" -Elf "When in Rome" -Anchorman, Ron "I love lamp" -Anchorman, Rick (i love rick! :
  18. lucylooloo


    i heart queen. enough said.
  19. Lost producers are killing me. I tell you they don't have a reason so far...they have just been stringing us along and they still have no idea how to explain all the weird ginormous polar bears or Walt's crazy abilities ::
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