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  1. Was watching MTV last night and saw a video by a group called The Faders (made up of 3 girls...I think). Just heard that one song so I don't have a decided opinion bout their stuff yet, but anyone know or think anything about them?
  2. efa


    I was watching MTV last night when I saw something extremely funny. There's this group of tenors called G4, who range from their mid-20s to 30s and who appeared on Pop Idol this side of the Atlantic. Anyhoo, G4 have just released a single and whataya know- it's Bohemien Rhapsody. Result:hilarious. Whatever way that song was meant to be sung, it wasn't by four brooding, Westlife-esque tenors in shiny suits!
  3. efa


    Ah The Beatles. Now there's some legend, man.
  4. efa


    Cheers! ::..and hey, now I can use fandago in a poem.
  5. efa


    But why? Why is it so inspirational?
  6. efa


    I get that, but "fandango" doesn't rhyme with anything. I'm afraid I just DON'T get the big deal with Bohemien Rhapsody. Sure, it's catchy, but inspirational?!...
  7. efa


    Maybe...but then I kinda wish people didn't put all this meaning on it. It doesn't have one!
  8. Both Shrek movies have fab soundtracks. I suppose of I had to pick one it'd be Alleluia from the first one. Love that song.
  9. efa


    I do agree that Fredie Mercury is a bit of a legend (maybe a bit of an overrated one) but how can a song that has the words "scaramoush, scaramoush, can you do the fandango" be such an amazing and inspirational one? It doesn't even make any sense!
  10. efa


    Is it just me, or is Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) a really bad song?
  11. Maybe too late to join the whole "the killers"/"killers"(?)discussion but anyone have any idea if there gigging in Ireland any time soon?!
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