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  1. sutho

    favorite albums of all time

    MUSIC FROM BIG PINK - The Band LAYLA - Derek & The Dominoes
  2. sutho

    Cream Reunion!

    Clapton has confirmed it on BBC Radio 2 Johnny Walker show
  3. sutho

    Greatest Guitar RIFFS

    just been listening to a great riff by BLOOD,SWEAT&TEARS the song "go down gamblin" any one heard it
  4. sutho

    Best Drummers Ever

    Are you saying your Dad's better than me Dad?
  5. sutho

    How do u guys think of steve vai?

    Sorry if I sound too proud. nobody can say they know a lot about guitar beside those guitarists. how a guitar should sound depends on what kind of music the guitarist plays. Metal sounds obviously don't work while play classical guitar piece. different genres require different sounds and the sounds that make you understand the types of music you listen to are the good guitar sounds
  6. sutho

    Worst guitar solos

    any Noel Gallager solo
  7. sutho

    Best Outro Or Ending To A Song?

    Listen to "let it rain" on Clapton,s 1st album the ending is incredible, especially carl Radle's Bass playin
  8. sutho

    Friend & Family Songs

    "Hello old friend" - Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan
  9. sutho

    Songs about Moving On and Starting Over

    Another Ticket- Eric Clapton.
  10. sutho

    How do u guys think of steve vai?

    Since you obviously know so much about this subject, who do you think portrays the way a guitar should sound?
  11. sutho

    How do u guys think of steve vai?

    :sleepy:The guy's got no soul, no feel, no idea of how a Guitar should sound, he has ruined anything he's ever played on. he should try plugging his guitar straight into the amp without all those horrible effects and overtones and then give himself a honest appraisal,
  12. sutho

    Jim Gordon (DOMINO)

    Any more INFO ?
  13. sutho

    Is it the end of M. Night??

    You were wanting to see something frightening.... while waiting for this you missed the point of the film It was about people trying to protect their loved ones from this self indulgent world
  14. sutho

    Songs about London

    Dagenham Dave - Morrissey Harrow - Lionel Richie
  15. sutho

    The Definitive Underated Thread

    Should be up there with Hendrix but unfortunatly he's gone and nearly forgotten PAUL KOSOFF