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  1. Quiet Riot Sorry, I just assumed Queen was already gone.
  2. _jr_

    Best Scenes

    I thought of a good one from the movie "Arthur" on the way home from work. Arthur: Hopson, do you know what the worst part about being me is? Hopson : I would image your breath LOL. Now that's funny.
  3. I distictly remember moving, and all my albums warping in the sun of the back window of the family truckster, my Black Sabbath~Paranoid included.
  4. , then, , then, ::. Once upon a time, there was a fellow named Ted Nugent, who, in my book, was top dog. Then along came a young gunslinger named Eddie Van Halen, and he rode a white horse, and that's horse's name was Eruption. 92 seconds that stood the guitar world on it's ear (pun intended), and left Uncle Ted twitching in the dust. Young Eddie rode through all the hamlets and villages, with his outlaw band (again, pun intended) of desperados. Nightly, they would perform for the townspeople,led in front by court jester,David Lee Roth. While Eddie, Michael, and Alex provided all with a plethora of sounds meant to please the masses, DLR performed nightly acts of "dig me, I'm a rock star" idiocy. But I digress. Soon, word spread across the land, and Edward the Great was crowned Guitar King. His reign lasted several years, conquering great nations all over the world. But alas, Youn Edward grew older, and while he was still fast, one of the fastest in the land, he never learned anything new. 10, 15, nay, 25 years after he first rode over the horizon on a horse called Eruption, he still plays the same note.
  5. It may not be about any one event, but "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" by The Band is about the struggle of men of the south after the Civil War.
  6. _jr_

    Best Scenes

    Scott, I think you may be right. I think the funniest part of the "Big" scene of which you were speaking is when he actually tries to wipe him mouth out with a napkin. I, too, laugh every time at this scene.
  7. I hope you find it, because now I want to know what the song is. Thanks a lot!
  8. super, I see you're new, so, please, try to use &^$ or other symbols where there is swearing.Thanks.
  9. I've always wondered when 'acoustic' became 'unplugged'. I always thought the ball started rolling on that craze when Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora did 'Wanted' with just two guitars on some award show or something back in 87 or 88. As far as 90's music goes, I'm sorry, it's just not as good as any other time period. I think it may be a combination of corporate jack*sses making the decision as to what gets played and what doesn't and me getting older and a little more close minded. God, I'm like my folks. It just sounds like one long dance song, for the most part. Oh, and Welcome to Songfacts! Sorry to hear about your cat.
  10. Someone in another thread mentioned Gordon Lightfoot,( I think it was Elvish) and the first thing I thought of was, in 7th grade, we actually were assigned to research this song. It's historical acurracy, the Chippewa, the Great Lakes, etc. Can anyone post other songs with historical references, or tells a story of specific time or events that actually occured? I'm sure there are plenty, and I'm always ready to learn some things I may not have known.
  11. Hey Carole, that's pretty cool. Where I live, George isn't really that big a deal, since h's from here. I've shot pool with him a few time at the Stone Ballon, (well, back when they had pool tables). He's just a normal guy. It's one of those things where he can walk around pretty much unmolested.
  12. Jesus of Nazareth gets my vote. It's long, it's old, but for me, it's still the best.
  13. A handful of lugnuts I picked up off Dale Earnhardt's pit stall after a race down in Dover. They're probably worth a dollar , total, but they're invaluable to me. That was one of the best days I ever spent with all my brothers. I turned a corner in my life, because that day it dawned on my how much I really love all my brothers. I had emotional growth spurt that day. Anyway, I didn't mean to get all sappy. But those lugnuts really mean a lot.
  14. Sounds as if you've done some legwork. I'm sorry , but I can't help. Hang around though. These folks usually come through. Welcome to Songfacts.
  15. _jr_

    Which is sadder?

    Excellent point. You should start a thread like that. "What would you do with...."
  16. I don't have an article to attach, I heard this on TV. Apparently, somebody got a wad of Britney Spears' gum to sell on e-bay. My wife said "That's sad" Of course, I said, "Not as sad as the person who buys it."
  17. Very nice. I see it's your first post. It's all down hill from here. I don't see you topping that. Seriously, though, you should post that in "Life and Such". It's really very good. I don't know alot about poetry. I've written a few, but I'm just not very good. But I know a good one when I see it. Welcome to Songfacts! Watch out for HDThoreau ::...she's bad news. LOL.
  18. Ah, Ken, I see your opinions of KISS, 'the people' have changed over the years, as have mine. I still love the music, even though now, I don't kid myself with the notion that Stanley/Simmons are the best songwriters, EVER!, the way I did when I was 14. Their songwriting skills are, to say the least, substandard, and musically, it's not very challenging. But, it is, without question, in the most base form, rock and roll. I love it, still.
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