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  1. I was out Monday, so I missed the first part, and last night I was burning music. PBS is great. What's amazing is that they're even showing on PBS. When I first heard about it, months ago, I thought for sure it'd be released right before Christmas, at an outrageous price. Then, sometime during the summer, they'd show it on PBS. Hard to imagine, in this day and age, you can get to see something like that for free first, before it hits the stores. I'm not Dylan fan, but I would have watched it, if for nothing else, the place it has in music history.
  2. sweet Jane 61 started a thread concerning whether you enjoy a song for the music first, then the lyrics, or vice-versa. So, I thought about that today, as listened to the radio at work. "Do I like this song because of the lyrics, or the music?" Anyway, I was surprised at the number of songs at which the thought came to me, "Why do I like this song?" And I honestly couldn't pinpoint a reason. So, that made me think even deeper. Maybe there is an aspect of musical enjoyment we have, but don't even realize. Something spiritual, perhaps. On the surface, the rythmn of a song is man made, the beat, in order to keep time, like footsteps, or a heartbeat. The lyrics are man made as well, designed to evoke an emotion, or convey and idea, or ideal. But what about the rest? When the music leaves the instrument, it is everywhere, and nowhere, at once. Once it goes past your ears, what then? Does it go to your heart? Your mind? Your spirit? I mean, let's face it, your ears are merely the vehicle in which the music gains entry. After that, what? Is a song a conversation with your spirit? Why do you like that song? You don't know? Could it be something deeper inside you, something you aren't conscious of, that is touched by the strains? Mike George wrote: "Of all the arts, music comes closest to expressing the inexpressible." Is that what it is? Something inexpressible, being touched, somewhere under your very own radar, that makes you like that song, but you don't know why? Anyway. Sorry for rambling. I think too much.
  3. There are some pretty good opening power chords for songs. The ones that smash you in the mouth and then just linger there. Jailbreak ~ Thin Lizzy Won't Get Fooled Again ~ The Who I'll think of more.
  4. The wonderful thing about music is, it can be any one of the above mentioned things that attract you to a particular song. Alot of times, for me anyway, it isn't the lyrics, or the music. It's the energy. The aura, the ambience, of a song that evokes an emotion. I have taken every path imaginable to liking a song. Enjoyed it first for the music, then discovered the meaning of the lyrics later. Conversely, I have had my imagination captured by the picture the lyrics painted, and then listened further for the intricate undertones of the music. Either way, it's the music lover who wins in the end.
  5. Jack, from Moose Jaw, Canada has just won a clean, comfortable Songfacts t-shirt!! Here are the answers for September's quiz: Question 1: What famous singer's hair caught fire while shooting a commercial? Michael Jackson, while shooting a Pepsi commercial. Question 2: What band did a tour where they would emerge from a giant piece of fruit? U2, who emerged from a lemon on their 1997 Popmart tour Question 3: What member of a famous comedy duo was part of a band that had a US Top-40 hit in the '60s. Tommy Chong. He was in a group called Bobby Taylor And The Vancouvers, who hit #29 with "Does Your Mama Know About Me?" in 1968. Question 4: What famous band's debut album was not released in America, but sold over 100,000 copies there as imports? The Clash Question 5: What band's members take their last names from famous killers? Marilyn Manson Question 6: What hit from the '70s contains a sound-effect from a hand-held electronic game. "The Logical Song" by Supertramp. It comes in after the word "Digital." Question 7: What '80s hit contains the line, "Long as the night will be, the sun will rise without you." "Don't Shed A Tear" by Paul Carrack Question 8: What song written in 1911 was a #1 US hit in the '60s? "I'm Henry VIII I Am" by Hermans Hermits Question 9: What Motown singer made her acting debut playing a nun on a TV series? Diana Ross. Along with fellow Supremes Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong, she was on the TV series Tarzan. Question 10: What '70s television show's title was changed to include the name of the theme song? Welcome Back, Kotter. It was originally going to be called just 'Kotter', but network executives liked the nostalgic feel of 'Welcome Back', and added it to the title of the show.
  6. HAH!!! I know them all. But I cheated, of course, and looked them up. I'll keep quiet....for now.
  7. Man, talk about a dancing banana.
  8. Man. I haven't seen any of those shows, except for Raymond, and I haven't watched that for at least five years. When are the awards for the Dork Shows?
  9. You mean that bag isn't fitted? sorry. LOL.
  10. Wow. I'll bet you can stand on your head without using your hands, eh?
  11. Hhmmm...I am having no trouble at all. Click on "Main", and the page comes right up. Weird.
  12. Weird. I get in there without a problem. Hmmm...
  13. No, they're not the same band, Shawna, although I know Mahogany Rush is also from Canada. Other than that, I don't know much about them. Mahogany Rush
  14. I found out some other interesting things while reading about these shows, as well. Frank Sinatra had a 7% interest in the Sands, given to him by the owner. (I forget his name) The owner knew Sinatra was money in the back, and accomodated Frank and his entourage free of charge, because he knew any time Frank was in town, he was sure to turn a huge profit. As far as filming Ocean's Eleven during the day, and doing the shows and partying at night, I have also read they did the shows, then shot the film all night into daylight, and slept during the day. So, I am not sure which is true, but since a lot of the movie takes place at night, I would imagine they filmed at night, after doing their shows.
  15. September 17 Events 1950 Fee Waybil, vocalist for the Tubes, is born. 1966 The Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" peaks at #2 on the chart, while The Beach Boys' "Wouldn't It Be Nice" peaks at #8 and The Hollies' "Bus Stop" peaks at #5. 1966 The Byrds "Fifth Dimension" LP enters the chart. 1967 The Doors perform "Light My Fire" and "People are Strange" on the "Ed Sullivan Show." Prior to the show, Sullivan asked Jim Morrison to change or omit the line "Girl, we couldn't get much higher" in "Light My Fire." Morrison sang it anyway. 1967 The Who perform on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. In a famous incident that's documented on "The Kids Are Alright," Keith Moon sets a flash explosion in his drum kit, not realizing that the crew had already done so. At the end of "My Generation" when the explosion goes off, it is so loud that it damages Pete Townshend's ears. 1968 The Fifth Dimension pick up their second gold record with their rendition of Laura Nyro's "Stoned Soul Picnic." 1975 British progressive rock band Pink Floyd earn their third gold record for "Wish You Were Here." 1976 Ringo Starr releases his "Ringo's Rotogravure" album. 1980 Bette Midler's "Divine Madness," a film of a 1979 concert in Pasadena, CA, premieres in Los Angeles. 1983 Asia's "Don't Cry" peaks at #10 on the singles chart. 1983 The Stray Cats LP, "Rant and Rave with the Stray Cats" enters the chart. 1991 "Use Your Illusion I" and "Use Your Illusion II" are released simultaneously by Guns N' Roses at midnight. A half million copies are sold by 2am.
  16. If they're Inductees, doesn't that mean they've already been chosen? That yes, they are going in? Is this a list of inductees, or nominees?
  17. I've listened to Rush for 30 years. Geddy Lee's vocals are high pitched. I tolerate it because I enjoy the music.
  18. I took my son to the Texas Roadhouse for supper this evening, and they have a display case with a bunch of Wille stuff, including a cd that can only be bought at their web site. (I know, I asked. I was going to buy it and burn copies for whomever wanted one.) Anyway, it's a jam session with a few other musicians. Like I said, it can only be bought at the site. Get Willie's cd I saw in the display case, you can also buy other Willie stuff, even Willie guitar pick earrings. For the gal who has everything. There you go, Elvy.
  19. I also enjoy Eva Cassidy, although her voice doesn't have the sharp clarity of Dinah Washington's. She is more along the lines of a Diana Ross type vocalist, I think. Wonderfully soft and lilting. Etta James has more b^lls when she sings, I think. She has a...dangerous quality when she sings. Just my opinion.
  20. ...on January 28th, 1959, Frank Sinatra joined Dean Martin on stage at the Sands Casino in Las Vegas for the first time. It would evolve from there into an act that would play out over a period of time, drawing huge numbers. When Sinatra was in town, nothing else mattered. He owned Vegas. What was once known as the 'Clan', became known as 'The Rat Pack'. (It is rumoured that Frank actually came up with this name, because of the racial overtones 'Clan' had. How true this is is anyone's guess.) Dino and Frank, along with Sammy Davis, Jr., and to a lesser degree, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop, formed the Pack. A year later, almost to the day, January 26, 1960, the Rat Pack began filming Ocean's Eleven in Vegas. For the next 2-3 weeks, after filming, every night, Dean, Sammy, and Frank worked their act onstage, combining comedy, alcohol, and wonderful music to a packed house. But, their act wasn't just about having a good time, (although they were pretty good at that), they also worked in some social commentary along the way, thumbing their nose at racism. At that time of the 20th century, black men were still sitting at the back of the bus. And yet, here was Sammy, on stage, in on the joke. He would jump into Dean's arms, and Dean would say, "I'd like to thank the NAACP for this award." Frank said if Sammy didn't go on stage, neither would he. Sinatra and Sammy Davis were the best of friends, with Frank moving Sammy into his (Frank's) home to recover after an automobile accident in 1954 (I think), cost Sammy his left eye. But I digress...getting back to the show... I've seen footage of these infamous shows, and it is plain that these men were born entertainers. And that wasn't iced tea they were drinking, either. Those cats knew how to party. The ease with which they played off of each other, and the natural way they made one another laugh, well, I wish I could have caught one of those shows. These guys exuded what cool was all about. They set the tone. I have some of the music from their shows in Vegas, and in my opinion, while they all could sing, Sammy easily had the most powerful voice. I just ordered The Rat Pack Live at the Sands today, and I hope to get it Monday or Tuesday. That was a magical time in music history, one that will never be repeated. I think, the reason it was so perfect, was that these guys were just being themselves. They weren't 'putting on a show' for the audience, insomuch as they were just friends, entertaining themselves, and people just got it, you know?
  21. Also somewhere in the middle of "Tom Sawyer" by Rush.
  22. Nah, I'm putting my money on either Elton John or Phil Collins. They haven't written anything but Disney tunes for 15 years. Like the veteran race car drivers. Not in it for the love anymore, just collecting a paycheck.
  23. Births 1925 Guitar legend B.B. King is born. 1948 Kenney Jones, drummer for Faces and Keith Moon's replacement in the Who, is born. Deaths 1977 Marc Bolan of T. Rex dies at the age of 29. 2004 Johnny Ramone (real name John Cummings), guitarist and co-founder of the seminal punk band The Ramones, dies after fighting a five-year battle with prostate cancer. He was 55. Events 1963 "She Loves You" backed by "I'll Get You" by the Beatles is released by Swan Records in the US. Though its tops in the UK, "She Loves You" doesn't do anything until 1964 when it finally runs up to #1. 1964 "Shindig!" premieres on ABC-TV. It was inspired by the success of British Invasion groups on "The Ed Sullivan Show." The show features both British and American performers plus a cast of go-go dancers and a house band. Within a few months NBC has an imitation, "Hullabaloo." 1965 The Rolling Stones open the second season of "Shindig!" by performing "Satisfaction." Also on the show are the Kinks, Byrds and Everly Brothers. 1966 Bassist Pete Quafe leaves the Kinks and is replaced by John Dalton. 1966 Member of Parliament, Tom Drilberg asks Britain's House of Commons to officially "deplore" the action of a magistrate who'd earlier called the Rolling Stones "complete morons...who wear filthy clothes." 1967 Jimi Hendrix' debut LP, Are You Experienced? enters the album charts. 1970 Jimi Hendrix makes his final public appearance, jamming with Eric Burdon and War at Ronnie Scott's club in London. 1970 A "Melody Maker" poll finds that Led Zeppelin has replaced the Beatles as the UK's most popular group-the first time the Beatles haven't been #1 in eight years. 1971 The Who's Who's Next goes gold. 1972 Rod Stewart's Never a Dull Moment hits #2 on the LP charts. 1972 The Temptations' All Directions enters the LP charts. The album features the #1 single, "Papa Was A Rollin' Stone." 1977 The Rolling Stones release their third live album, Love You, Live. The two album set was recorded in Paris last year and in Toronto in March of this year. The package shoots to #5 on the US album charts. 1978 The Cars' "Just What I Needed" peaks at #27 on the singles chart. 1978 The Grateful Dead play a concert before the pyramids of Egypt. The concert is recorded, but has yet to be released on record. 1979 Rap makes it onto vinyl with the release of the Sugar Hill Gang's "Rapper's Delight." Sylvia Robinson (formerly of Mickey & Sylvia) formed the company to produce rap records despite industry warnings that rap had no commercial appeal. "Rappers Delight" was recorded over the instrumental break from Chic's "Good Times." The single becomes a disco smash sellling two million copies in the U.S. 1996 R.E.M.'s New Adventures in Hi-Fi enters the album charts at #2.
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