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  1. Eagle Eye, how would you feel if someone read one of your poems in the Creative Writing thread and wrote "It Sucks"? Not very informative.
  2. Ross, from Lafayette, La, is a recent winner so Shannon from Where angels fear to tread, wins a clean, comfortable Songfacts t-shirt! And here are the correct answers: 1) What famous singer appeared in a commercial for Victoria's Secret? Bob Dylan 2) What group had a #1 hit with a song written by Bruce Springsteen? Manfred Mann's Earth Band , with 'Blinded By the Light' 3) What hard-rock singer recently announced that he would stop making music and concentrate on making movies? Marylin Manson 4) What #1 hit from the '60s was recently remade and used in a movie? 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin' 'I'm A Believer' 5) What famous actor had a US Top-40 hit with a song he performed in an '80s movie with a popular female singer? Michael J. Fox performed 'Light of Day' in the movie of the same name, with Joan Jett 6) What famous singer got her start with a lot of help from a member of Pink Floyd? Kate Bush. Dave Gilmour funded her first demo sessions. 7) In a music video from the '90s, a former child star, a future supermodel and the star of a TV sitcom all appeared. What was the video? Black Or White by Michael Jackson. Macaulay Culkin, George Wendt and Tyra Banks all appeared in the morphing sequence. 8) What hit song starts with a count from 1 to 4 in Spanish? 'Wooly Bully', by Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs. We had a lot of people guess the song 'Vertigo', but it actually counts off in Spanish 1,2,3,14. Ah, those crafty quizmakers set another trap, and more than half fell for it. 9) What male singer has 2 hit songs with the same girl's name in the title? David Bowie, with 'Jean Genie' and 'Blue Jean'. 10) A Rock group that formed in the '70s and a Pop group from the '90s both have sisters with the same last name. What is that name? Wilson, with Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart from the 70's, and Wilson/Phillips from the 90's. There you have it, music lovers. Thanks to all who participated, and congrats to the lucky winner. Be sure and check out this month's quiz. You could win a way cool Songfacts tee!!
  3. The Supremes question: A. Florence Ballard B. Mary Wilson C. Diana Ross D. Mary Wilson E. Cindy Birdsong F. Jean Terrell G. Scherrie Payne H. Mary Wilson I. Susaye Green J. Mary Wilson K. Jean Terrell L. Lynda Laurence
  4. I'm not watching it now, but last night, I watched a thing on Discovery about sea life. Did you know squid and octupi are nearly as intelligent as dolphins? I fell asleep before it was over, though.
  5. Geez. Not a lot of warning. Just leave us high and dry to get our music news on our own. Get us hooked, then cut us off. HE'S THE PUSHER!!! NOT ME!!!
  6. I just have a few questions. Defensive scoring....is that for your individual D players, or the whole unit? Actually...I guess that's only one question. Come on, two more players.
  7. I have the .38 Special Flashback cd. It's very good. Yes, nothing groundbreaking or particularly innovative. But, like PF said, it's good music. Entertaining. That's what it's all about, right? The only thing that disappoints me about the cd is "Wild Eyed Southern Boys" is live, and, in my opinion, not as good as the studio version. I don't know that they're not respected as much as other Southern Fried Rock bands, just that they didn't do anything to set themselves apart from the rest. Musically, they are average, but it's seamless, tight, and well constructed. As far as the Van Zant Boys, their cd is a hard edged country sound. What I've heard of it, anyway.
  8. Question 3: KISS held kissing contests.
  9. Heck, I'm not going on break. I'm ashamed of myself for that little display of desperation. LOL. I've got to redeem myself. Oh, and for anyone with dork tendencies, here's some knowledge
  10. Whew. I don't know about the rest of you, but I didn't think I was going to survive that. LOL.
  11. It's probably not even on there. I say 55 should get the 8 points for stumping the band. LOL.
  12. ok, you asked for it. LOL. Pretty cheap way to get points. LOL. 1 Great Britain 2 Ireland 3 Lewis and Harris 4 Skye 5 Shetland Mainland 6 Mull 7 Anglesey 8 Islay 9 Isle of Man 10 Orkney Mainland 11 Arran 12 Isle of Wight 13 Jura 14 South Uist 15 North Uist 16 Yell 17 Achill Island 18 Hoy 19 Bute 20 Unst 21 Rum 22 Isle of Sheppey 23 Benbecula 24 Tiree 25 Coll 26 Raasay 27 Barra 28 Sanday 29 South Ronaldsay 30 Rousay 31 Westray 32 Fetlar 33 Colonsay 34 Holy Island, Anglesey 35 Stronsay 36 Eigg 37 Shapinsay 38 Bressay 39 Eday 40 Hayling Island 41 Foulness Island 42 Scalpay 43 Portsea Island 44 Lismore 45 Great Bernera 46 Ulva 20 47 Whalsay 48 Canvey Island 49 Mersea Island Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_the_British_Isles_by_area"
  13. Skye? ( was going to copy and paste all 49 listed, but I thought that might be a bit much, since we've practically been handed this one. And we're supposed to be music gurus.. LOLOL)
  14. Oh, yes, I'm fine. It's just i'm usually at work during the time you're here. Friday is my day off, though. Ok, so let's see....Think laterally. One word name. A place. The British Isles. So, London is darn near at 0 degrees latitude on my world map. Was there ever a band called London?
  15. :)I'm just happy to actually be playing. I missed a bunch of rounds. ::
  16. The Grass Roots? King Harvest? A wild guess.
  17. Rare Earth? Well, that's all I have
  18. Heck, Laurie, I think you've listed every band ever. (mini sammy)
  19. You know, Bazooka, I thought of T-Rex, too, but didn't Mark Bolan have big, poofy hair? and it seems as though the singer has a beard. I am completely stumped on this one. ::
  20. By the way....I'm calling you out Sammy. Come play football. Oh, and before the draft even takes place, I've already excluded Michael Vick from my draft list. The most overrated QB since Cunningham.
  21. Not to pick nits, but 6 for throwing a TD seems like a lot. Your QB is scoring a touchdown without leaving the backfield. He's already getting points for yardage and completions. I would also ditch the points per completion and -points per incompletion. And I've always been a firm believer that a FG is 3, regardless of distance. Don't get me wrong, I can live with any scoring system that's in place. I've been in a league for 10 years, and we've evolved since year one.
  22. GENESIS!! Oh, man. I think I'll let Sammy handle this one. :: Tell you what...Laurie can head south, stop and pick up Sammy, I'll head north, stop and pick up Unc, and we'll all converge on your house, dressed like Ghostbusters, and purge the place of that stuff. RonJon is already right there in Jersey with you, so he'll be there first to stand guard and make sure no more bad music gets into your home, ok? we can all be there by 6.
  23. Ok, please forgive me Jenny, because you are a close-to-home girl, but I can't pass this up.... No Doubt's Greatest Hits? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Sorry.
  24. I'm in. My squad is called "The Guru". ::
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