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Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band ~ Magic

Sweet Jane 61

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Magic is the album Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band fans and critics have been waiting for since the release of The Rising in 2002. And being a fan of Bruce and the band, I waited with anticipation for the album to hit stores.

Getting a glimpse of Magic with the single Radio Nowhere, a song of the frustrations Bruce has with the radio of todays world, weeks before the release date was a like a child taking a peek at a Christmas gift. I must be honest in saying when I first heard Radio Nowhere I didn't fall in love, hearing a more rocking Bruce Springsteen than I had heard in years, but I began to hear what made me a fan of the man, the band, and the music.

The E Street Band is in fine form, sounding as tight and strong as from the beginning some 30 years ago. The E Street Band's members are: Roy Bittan - keyboards; Clarence Clemons - saxophone, percussion; Danny Federici - keyboards; Nils Lofgren - guitars; Patti Scialfa - vocals, guitar; Garry Tallent - bass; Steven Van Zandt - guitars; Max Weinberg - drums.

Magic has taken fans back to the Bruce Springsteen that captured a generation 30 years ago, the sound and lyrics that we connected to, you will hear on Magic. You will hear a mixture of music styles. With Gilrs In Their Summer Clothes you have a very Jersey Am radio hit of the late 60's to early 70's fun on the boardwalk feel, in Gypsy Biker you hear the heartbreak of a war veteran's homecoming to be buried. Bruce writes with political edge in The Long Walk Home and The Last To Die. As only Bruce Springsteen can do, the songwriting style that weaves images and emotions with every word.

As I have listened to this album many times now, I feel the love I felt back in 1975 when I first heard Bruce Springsteen. And not a love because he was handsome or sexy, a love of a man who wrote songs that I identified with, a man who was touching my heart and seeing into my soul. The lyrics combined with the unique and powerful sounds of The E Street Band, the seduction of a saxaphone, the heat of the keyboards and the electricty of everyone together, there was the seduction...where I fell in love and have recaptured that love with the songs on Magic. This is one of Bruce Sprinsteens finest moments, and hopefully not his last. It was worth the wait, and I will wait for more, I always have...after all that's what you do when you fall in love.

Magic is an album where you can hear Bruce Springsteen having some fun and also saying what he needs us to hear with a little bit of pain, disappointment, and anger. Bruce Springsteen as his best, taking you on a ride where your heart pounds and your mind understands all the emotions. Add it to your collection, listen to it, and fall in love again with Bruce Springsteen, or fall in love for the first time, either way, you will be satisfied.

Track Listing

1. Radio Nowhere

2. You'll Be Comin' Down

3. Livin' In The Future

4. Your Own Worst Enemy

5. Gypsy Biker

6. Girls In Their Summer Clothes

7. I'll Work For Your Love

8. Magic

9. Last To Die

10. Long Walk Home

11. Devil's Arcade

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I read how excited everyone is about Magic and I have some good news for you!

I’m working with Sirius Radio’s all-Bruce Springsteen all the time channel and wanted to make sure that the true fans know about it. More info and a three day free trial are here: http://www.sirius.com/estreetradio.

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