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I know I may have asked this question a long time ago, but I still haven't found the answer. I know that you can browse the songfacts by Song Title, Year,

and artist, but is there a possibility of browsing the songfacts by Category? I wonder if this can be a new feature included in your next update. you said that that particular feature will appear when you redesign the homepage. Also, you had asked how the categories should be displayed, and I believe the best way to display them

is in a full list, like in a pulldown menu (Combo Box), or you could put them in a list format, with a link for each category. If the homepage has to be redesigned, do you have any idea of a specific time that this will happen? Will it be part of your next update?

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I'm not sure I understand your question completely, but I've always thought categories CAN be browsed... for example: if you look at the Songfacts for "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" by Charlie Daniels, underneath the Songfacts you'll see a list of other categories that provide links to songs that would be under those same categories. The ones listed under "Devil" are:

More songs by The Charlie Daniels Band

More songs with U.S. states in the title

More songs inspired by poems

More songs about music

More songs that won Grammys

More songs used in movies

So you can click on any of those links and come up with a list of more links to songs with U.S. states in the title, songs that won Grammys, etc.

Or maybe I'm just misunderstanding the question.

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I think what babyteen meant is she's not able to browse through categories directly from the mainpage, yes we can browse through categories like Shawna explained, but with this you first already have to know one song from it to start from, and also there's no single list of all categories that are on Songfacts...

I for one like the idea :)

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Yes, we do have plans to put the categories in a browsable list, so you'll be able to search them without being on a specific song. It should be a pretty cool feature.

The problem is technical - it involves some code that's not easy to write. After looking into it, we decided to wait and make it part of a bigger homepage redesign project.

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yes, I know :grin:

and he did mean the source code from the homepage ;)

It's just that not everyone is interested in such technical details, so I wasn't sure if you wanted to know what kind of source code he was (re)writing, or what else you could have wanted to know...

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