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  1. There's this song by The Black Crowes that my American mom likes, which says something about a "rainbow bridge". However, I'm not sure which album it's on. I recently found the album "Shake Your Money Maker" for her on Amazon, thinking there was a song on there with that lyric. However, I've listened to all 11 songs on there, and not one of them has that lyric in there. Perhaps she's not remembering what song it is, as I've never heard a song of that sort. Does anybody have any ideas?
  2. My Sweet Love, Johnny, told me this when we were talking on the phone tonight. I was in a bit of disbelief when I heard him say this, but we lost another one of The Pointer Sisters. Bonnie Pointer died today at the age of 69, from what is believed to be cardiac arrest. I'm sure she'll be sorely missed by those who know and love her, so we shall remember her with love, and let the music play as we get our groove on. https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/pop-culture-news/bonnie-pointer-pointer-sisters-dies-69-n1227741
  3. https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/21/entertainment/kenny-rogers-country-singer-dies/index.html
  4. https://www.tennessean.com/story/entertainment/music/2020/03/29/joe-diffie-country-music-coronavirus-complications-obituary/2936694001/
  5. I wonder if there's a good chance it might be out-of-print.
  6. I've even done a search on Google, but all it comes up with is the topic I've made on Songfacts forums. I've searched with Duck Duck Go, which is my preferred search engine, but I can't even find it there. Where do I go next?
  7. I've just now searched there, and I couldn't find the album I'm after.
  8. When I was younger, I got this cassette tape that was called "The Little People's Counting Rhymes", which was back in 1985-1987. Then a few years later in 1991, when I was in the library at Westmoreland Elementary School in Eugene, Oregon, I checked out a cassette tape, possibly the sequel to the one I had, called "The Twelve Days Of Christmas". Basically, these two tapes were narrated by a man and a woman, I'm not sure of their names, but I've been looking for the second tape for as long as I can remember. It had a fun "Counting Rhymes" version of the popular Christmas classic, complete with sounds that corresponded to each gift on Side 1, and several other Christmas carols like "Here We Come A-Caroling", "Patapan", "The First Noel", "We Three Kings", and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" on Side 2. What I want to find out is, what is the company that made both these tapes? And, if possible, are they available on CD or even digitally? I've searched on Youtube, ITunes, and even Amazon, but I can't seem to find them! Anybody have any suggestions for me?
  9. I found this out last week, when my sweet love told me, and I was devastated. However, I now know that he's playing up there in the friendly skies with his bandmate, Benjamin Orr. https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/15/us/ric-ocasek-the-cars-lead-singer-death/index.html
  10. I found this remix of Gotye's song, "Somebody That I Used To Know" about 7 years ago on Youtube, but unfortunately I don't remember who uploaded it. All I know is, I was able to convert it to MP3, and I wish I could share it with you guys so any one of you could direct me to the original Youtube video. The problem is the forum won't let me put attachments larger than 0.9 MB. What's up with that, I wonder? What I do know about this remix is, this guy took the original version of the song, and overdubbed his own parts with guitar, bass and drums that to him made the song sound like it was recorded by The Police.
  11. I wonder what Yoko's reaction was when she heard the news of Cynthia's death?
  12. I bet Julian misses her very much. Cancer is one of the hardest diseases to battle. Also, Majorca? Is that in England?
  13. I'll say. I wonder if Jimmy ever joined the Temptations.
  14. I wonder if Jimmy Ruffin had any relation to David Ruffin.
  15. When I told this to my sweet love, he wondered why Robin would've committed suicide. Even when I told mom, she was like, "No way! That's impossible!" To her, Robin Williams was the funniest comedian she'd ever seen.
  16. Dad loved Johnny Winter! Now they're together in the friendly skies with Alvin Lee.
  17. The big 9-O! I wonder if she's still performing.
  18. Did he possibly have a heart attack? I'm confused!
  19. Is this version of the song what Bruce originally wrote in 1975? Or is this just him playing with our minds?
  20. When I was 11, my Dad took me and Grandma Dorcas to Luray Caverns in Virginia, and while we were there, My Dad claims Grandma Dorcas sang "Walk On The Wild Side" while bumbling the tune on the organ there. It's ironic because the woman couldn't carry a tune in a bucket if she tried, nor could she tell the difference between an instrument that was in tune and one that was out of tune. Even worse, she couldn't keep time with the rhythm of a song, as she was always a few steps behind time or even a few steps ahead of time. To make matters worse, he claims that I, along with my sister Amber and my cousins Andrea and Carolyn sang background vocals with her. My Dad was the biggest fibberooski I've ever met. But you've gotta admit he was a nice guy! My Grandma, on the other hand, wasn't so sweet. Sure, people said she was sweet on the outside, but I knew deep down she was the opposite. When she sang, it was torture! And, the spankings, oh the spankings! Spankings and soap were all she knew when it came to discipline. She was a devout Presbyterian, and she wasn't playing when she said we couldn't say any profanity. She even fooled me into believing that "ain't" is considered profanity. She was a grammarian pedant, which I strongly despise. I made a vow that when I have children and grandchildren, I will never subject them to the horrible monster that is my Grandma.
  21. The big 7-O! That's amazing. I sure wish my Dad could've seen it on the news, since I'm sure it was all over TV. Just like when Paul McCartney turned 70.
  22. That's incredible! I don't think I could play the piano or even type that fast.
  23. Is it possible he may have committed suicide? I hope not! And I sure hope nobody murdered him! Boy this world is so crazy these days! Everybody seems to be dying young.
  24. That's very interesting! Patty even shows off her Australian accent when she sings. She reminds me of a little child having fun.
  25. 53? Gees-a-leen! She was not much younger than my dad! Why must the good die young?
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