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Deviltry for the Simple

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I've never heard a satisfactory explanation of these lines from the Rolling Stones' Sympathy For The Devil:

I laid traps for troubadours

who get killed before

they reached Bombay

Historical references elsewhere in this song are pretty clear. Can you educate me about this?

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Some references state that it was mentioning the Beatles on their Magical Mystery tour, when they toured India & never made it that far. Other theories indicate it?s about a group of 11th century artists who traveled the world, & established controversy by the people of India. For more information Sympathy for the Devil explanation

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Mindcrime --

Thank you for looking.

I've been to that article (and many, many others) but it doesn't really address my question.

The Beatles theory seems too tame to be in keeping with Sympathy's dark themes and thoughtful lyrics. Were the 11th Century artists "killed" in India? Where does The Devil (or evil forces, death or destruction) come in?

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Troubadours were artists as in Poets / Songwriters who originated in Spain & Southern France during the early renaissance era. They faced tribulations while traveling the world, but any information found relating to their demise is irrelevant. It?s possible that Jagger was liberally using this term in a metaphor approach, as a reference to modern-day singers, which still doesn't explain any theory of Satanism.

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These are the specific lyrics that I can't get a clue to.

Maybe I should write a letter to Mick Jagger.

(That´s a pretty good question... That´s one of the first records I bought when I was a teenager and I remember me and my friends loving this song and talking about it. I also questioned myself the same, as I knew what the rest was about...)

Maybe that´s a good idea!... or send a mail to the Rolling Stone Magazine, or the Stones Fan Club or try the answerbank site (www.theanswerbank.uk.co.) I´ll try to investigate somewhere else and see if I find an answer, and maybe meanwhile somebody will know...

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