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The Pigeon Detectives

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The Pigeon Detectives

I've had this song in my head whenever I am not earworming that ^%#@* chocolate rain...

>>Take her back<<


They're great fun live, they're the name on all the young, pretty things' lips... give them a listen if you want some light hearted, poppy fun :)

>>I'm not sorry<<

The Pigeon Detectives are signed to the label Dance to the Radio with whom their debut album, 'Wait For Me', was released on CD/12" Heavyweight Vinyl & Digital Download on the 28th May 2007. The album, recorded in the autumn of 2006, has been produced by Will Jackson (Kaiser Chiefs / Embrace) and mixed in part by Cenzo Townshend (Snow Patrol / Kaiser Chiefs / Bloc Party) and Steve Harris (The Automatic / U2).

The album leaked to underground music download sites across the internet on April 11 2007. The album charted straight in at Number 3 on The UK Top 40.

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