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Couch is an instrumental Post-Rock band from Munich. pretty much unknown (even in Germany), but still great, imho

they may seem a bit boring for some, but to me the ir songs are almost hypnotizing :)

(*to "Alle auf Pause"*) Take a second for this one... the video might just seem simple but in it ain't. Couch have been around for quite a while and still they are one of Germany's best postrock bands around. Couch can create moments of true beauty. A keyboard melody, a guitar rhythm to explode, as if set in motion by some magnetic force, bringing you to their cruising velocity. The guitar and distorted cymbal crashes set the pace, as an organ creates a fluctuating tone as a backdrop for the simple but astonishingly beautiful melody from the keyboard. The songs keep going on forever. Intrumental postrock at it's best.

Alle Auf Pause

Doch Endlich


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