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The Rentals was a band formed by Matt Sharp, who was the bassist for Weezer during the Blue Album and Pinkerton. Very much in the vein of those early Weezer albums, Sharp's Rentals carry on that angst-ridden, loveable loser sound that made early Weezer sound the way it did, Taking the Weezer formula and distorting it just a little bit, adding more distorted guitars and funky beats to sound a little more New Wave. The Reantals are worth a listen if you liked early Weezer.

Here is their MySpace. The Man With Two Brains is a great little bit of song writing, Please Let that Be Me is one of my favorites, and Friends of P was their only mainstream hit.




Other songs that I can't find links to that are my personal favorites are "My Summer Girl" and "Keep Sleeping"

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