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Guidelines and SongFAQ

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While there are some hard and fast rules when it comes to posting (no profanity, no personal attacks), the general rule is:

Be civil, and treat others with respect.

We have several dedicated moderators who do a great job making this a rare place on the web where we can engage in lively, intelligent discussion in a welcoming environment. The knowledge pool of our members is vast, and these boards are an incredible resource and great compliment to the main site, as we share our thoughts and opinions. We ask that you help out the mods by posting with consideration.

Now for the SongFAQ, which I'll try to update as needed:

When added songs appear:

Processing the Songfacts like ordering something from RonCo: please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. We review every added fact, and when they appear depends on the level of research and editing needed. Uploading the database is a bit of a process, and we add new songs every week or 2.

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We had to remove the lyrics because there are some legal issues brewing with them. It's kind of a grey area whether sites have the legal right to post lyrics, so I think it's in our best interest to partner with a site that has them licensed.

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