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2007 Led Zeppelin tour: Wishful thinking?

With the announced reunions of Van Halen and the Police, it was only a matter of time until the name Led Zeppelin was thrown into the mix. Rock photographer and Jimmy Page friend Ross Halfin wrote on his website, "John Paul Jones has apparently announced on a Toronto radio station that Led Zeppelin will tour next summer. This of course meant I woke up to a load of mail asking if it's true. Look, I'm not a Led Zeppelin website or news board, I'm sure the official announcement will be out soon with all the details on Jimmy Page's website. The tickets are bound to be cheap -- you can re-mortgage your house to see your heroes."

Jones is supposed to have made the announcement on CILQ-FM, but the station's "Rock Report" says, "None of us have spoken to John Paul Jones recently. If we had, we'd all probably be asking for bass lessons. So to the (idiot) out there spreading rumors... and leading on Zep fans around the world -- your time is gonna come... So once more -- no Zeppelin reunion to speak of. Don't let anybody tell you different."

Of course, that hasn't stopped the British tabloid The Sun from going with the story. Their version says Page, Jones, and Robert Plant met two weeks ago in their management office and quoted a "band insider" as saying, "If the right offer comes up, they will do it," adding that a stadium tour could bring them over $12.5 million.

The late John Bonham's son Jason is supposed to take his father's place on drums. Jason has in recent years been a member of Foreigner, which has dates booked into October.

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