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A few months ago, XM Satellite Radio started running AT40 episodes from Casey Kasem's original run as host of the show (1970-1988). Has anyone else here been listening? What are your thoughts on the show?

I used to listen pretty religiously during the mid-1980s, so I try to catch at least the airing on XM's '80s channel, either on Sunday or the Thursday night repeat. Occasionally when I'm in a particularly masochistic adventurous mood, I'll also listen to a show from the '70s, on the '70s channel (natch) Saturdays or Wednesday nights.

I've also found the Web site of the company that is restoring the old AT40 shows for XM. They've even posted PDFs of the cue sheets for all the episodes they've already restored or are working on, so that listeners can follow along if they so desire. (As far as I can tell, only a tiny fraction of the episodes with cue sheets posted have actually been run yet). Even apart from the shows, this is a veritable treasure trove (albeit an incomplete one) of Billboard chart information from the 1970s and 1980s.

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