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black eyed peas!!!

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yeah they are GREAT. big in Israel. they are fearless.... they make greak music.... i wonder. is the song, "Let's get Retarded" stirring up a puddle there in USA?\

i think the edited version of Hey Mama sound better that the original... i am not one to advocate the censorship of songs, but i dunno, the edited one jsut sounds better and flows better. but def not the case for Lets get Retarded.

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"Let's Get Retarded" is usually sanitized to "Let's Get It Started," as people around here are very sensitive about how the mentally-challenged are referred. The song was used in promos for the NBA playoffs - it's much more marketable in its edited form.

BEP has a great sound, they're fun. I love that Fergie was on the show "Kids Incorporated." Anyone born after 1977 will have no memory of this delightfully cheesy show, but it was great, and had a theme song that wouldn't leave your head.

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