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up up and away


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up up and away

in my beautiful balloon

wot a brill song by ....... who was it now

.... cant think but I think it was writ in the 60s

it was the perfect song to slot into a

tv variety show back then

there was much more variety type shows on

tv , lots of groups of dancers like

The Young Generation who were a vital

ingredient of such shows.

and the 60s and 70s had such great music

maybe Hot Gossip another dance group were a kind of continuation of that dance group trend

where are all these sexy dance groups today ? where are the variety shows ?

it looks as though Davina Mcall and her talentless sidekick have taken over the airwaves with endless hours of sleaze and dross

for the TV execs its a lot less effort

But we are all the loosers in this sleazey game

Bring back old Brucie and the London Palladium !

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